Lithium battery cannot be charged or discharged


Lithium battery packs in pure electric vehicles cannot be charged during charging. The reasons can be divided into: wrong connection of the charging head or common faults of the charging head; the maintenance of the weatherboard or the invalidity of the lithium battery protection board; the internal short circuit of the lithium battery group to the high-power electrical appliances

After solving the safety hazard, check in turn: whether the charging head is connected incorrectly, whether the positive and negative power plugs of the lithium battery pack are connected incorrectly; eliminate the maintenance of the lithium battery protection board of household appliances, restart the MOS tube, and accurately measure whether the MOS tube has the driver working voltage; Check for disconnected wiring. The lithium battery group of pure electric vehicles cannot be charged and discharged normally during use. The reasons are as follows: the working voltage of the lithium battery group is low, the rain cover or the control panel is maintained; the rain cover or the control panel is damaged; the positive and negative stage charge and discharge connections are wrong; the line is disconnected or the power switch is not turned on. The above is the situation of lithium battery cannot be charged or discharged.

lithium battery

lithium battery not fully charged


When the pure electric vehicle lithium battery pack is applied to the circulatory system, the lithium battery pack cannot be charged when the battery is disconnected from all operating voltages and the battery charging is terminated. This is because the single-string power consumption or volume of the lithium battery group is inconsistent. If the power consumption is large or the volume is small, charge it first, and then use the lithium battery protection board for maintenance, so that the whole process of battery charging can be terminated before the other series of rechargeable batteries are fully charged.

In this case, the lithium battery group can be charged with a balanced charging head to keep the operating voltage of each string consistent. If the volume is very different, be sure to replace it with a very different rechargeable battery. However, the key is to perform volume inspection and matching capacity division of the lithium battery after the lithium battery is assembled, otherwise it will be inconvenient to disassemble in series