Erectile Dysfunction Lotion is a word that’s vaguely popular these days. Many tests are underway for its efficacy to treat impotence in men. When a problem becomes common among men, the manufacturers start selling their different products claiming to offer a guaranteed solution to such. And when it’s ED, every man would look for an option to make it work. ED lotion is a product that is claimed to be extracted from Natural and chemical substances to help cure sexual dysfunction. Does Erectile Dysfunction Lotion Really Work?

Types Of Erectile Dysfunction Lotions?

Many Pharmaceutical companies market their products as a promising solution for ED. You may get these products in the form of Gel, Creams, and liquid lotions. Many drugs get approved by the US Food and Drug Administration to cure impotence in men. On the other hand, there are many awaiting the FDA’s approval. 

Downsides of Erectile Dysfunction Lotions

  • FDA has issued a warning about possible risks involved in the use of products claiming to treat ED.     
  • Pharmaceutical firms formulate different Erectile Dysfunction lotions that comprise Alprostadil, Nitroglycerin, or L-arginine.    
  • These formulations never list the type of ingredients, quantity of such, and side effects or interactions with other medications you take.
  • Eventually, lotions and creams may cause severe to mild side effects on your health, such as skin irritation or worst-case scenario, skin cancer.

What is Better that Erectile Dysfunction Lotions? 

ED is turning into a severe problem, whether chronic or irregular.  The associated causes may be both physical and psychological, involving the nervous system, blood vessels, hence impacting your reproductive system. Luckily, there are some rapid relievers you can avail from the market easily at lower rates, which also render no adverse effects at all. These drugs are a great alternative to ED creams and lotions. Here are some better and effective alternative drugs to treat impotence.      

Fildena 100mg- Purple Pill

Commonly known as the Purple Pill, Fildena 100mg tablet is a perfect drug to cure ED built with a mechanism to make you erect within minutes. This pill is an alternative to Viagra and can be taken orally even if you are suffering from any heart diseases or diabetes. It is suitable for every age, and if you have frequent problems with ED, Fildena 100mg is a solution for it too. Generic Fildena 100mg is known to increase blood flow through your penile nerves and commonly prescribed to men with a moderate ED level. The plus side of taking Generic Fildena is that you can swallow it after dinner or even with alcohol.     


A higher dose of Sildenafil is suitable for men with extreme ED. So, if you are having such problems, Viagra 200 mg  is a perfect dosage to relieve your symptoms. Besides extreme ED, Viagra doses 200 mg is also capable of treating chronic erectile dysfunction. Lack of erection is most common in men as they age; thus, Viagra 200 mg turns out to be a magic pill for people who want to gain sexual stamina after turning 45. Be sure; this tablet works the best if taken 40 minutes before sexual activity. Viagra 200 mg is also valid for men coping with premature ejaculation as it can stimulate your sexual drive instantly and can last for up to 6 hours minimum.


Cenforce 200 is a common name for viagra black pill sold as an over the counter drug across the USA. Many men are reactive to other drugs, but this pill comes as a saviour. For older men, Ed is the most feared problem which grows valiantly as they tend to adapt to a passive lifestyle. This pill works out on your penile section enhancing the blood circulation acting faster than other ED drugs. It stimulates formation of Nitric Oxide and relaxes the blood vessels within 30 minutes from consumption. You can take it with lukewarm or tap water to reap its maximum benefits. Once it starts working, its effects last for the next day. Also, this generic pill has no adverse or negative aftereffects. 


Modern sciences are out of any concrete proof as to why Erectile Dysfunction Lotion is effective. There is no evidence of whether these products are useful to treat erectile dysfunction in men. It’s evident from the comparison that Lotions cost you more and will take more time to work out on your reproductive system to render its effects. Also, you never know what ingredients are added to these lotions. 

There is no reason to worry about getting disappointed, generic medicines are and will always be helpful to you whenever you consider one buying. If you are looking for a permanent remedy against erectile dysfunction, generic medicines are the best options at hand and are readily available. You can buy one at lower prices over the counter. Do look at the ingredients’ list; their manufacturers keep everything disclosed to customers.