Introduction To Diwali Festival

India is a country where the festival is celebrated all across the year Diwali is one of the major festivals of India which celebrate very dedicatedly and enjoy fully. The festival of Diwali which also known as the light festival because of the decoration of lightning everywhere, no matter if you are there in a village or city. History Behind Diwali On the day of Diwali Lord Rama defeat Ravan who is an evil symbol, due to doing bad things in life, This festival gives a clear conclusion that the person who cheats or hurt someone never being successful in his life, and end of this type of person has come very soon.

Diwali and Festival session Diwali festival is basically the festival of the week because 5 festivals come together in a week, first is Dhanteras, in this festival people buy various products of jewelry, especially since this festival is very famous for women. Another festival is Choti Diwali and then buddy Diwali also calls Main Diwali, Even Govardhan puja also comes, which is basically the purpose of giving respect to the animal cow because in the Hindu religion the status of the cow is like a mother and all Hindus celebrate this by the prayer of cow and giving food to them. The last one is Bhai Dooj which is main represents the love between sister and brother.

Diwali Popularity in Children Like other festivals, Diwali is also very famous among children, especially school children the various type of function is organized in school, for example, essay competition on Diwali, speech on Diwali, Diya competition, etc. All these functions are very interesting and the student takes part in them with very excitement, also on the day of Diwali new clothes are worn by the children and in the night sky is shone by a firework which is mostly done by children. Night Program Before the starting of the firework and exchanging of sweets, Mata Laxmi prayer is done in every home which is basically for the purpose of improving the happiness and wealth in the family.

Conclusion Diwali is the festival that increases the love between the people and makes them happy. Diwali gifts also increases the economic relative activity in the country which is very good for developing countries, because money is circulating during the festival. From all the discussion, we can say Diwali is a very great festival which gives happiness and Wellness to everyone but takes proper care if you celebrate Diwali with fireworks, and as possible try to make an eco-friendly Diwali which is good for all, especially for the bird, animal, and our environment.

The five-day competition of lighting fixtures, Diwali, is across the corner. The first day of birthday party is known as Dhanteras, wherein humans worship Goddess Lakshmi. Also called Dhanatrayodashi, this competition is commonly determined with brilliant enthusiasm due to the fact it's miles taken into consideration to be one of the maximum critical amongst all Hindu festivals.

The competition of Dhanteras, this year, can be marked today, 2 November. As in keeping with Hindu beliefs, in the course of those auspicious days, Goddess Lakshmi visits devotees’ houses to bless them with wealth, prosperity, and appropriate health. Furthermore, to welcome the goddess, humans take part in pujas and mild diyas across the house.

Apart from acting sacred pujas, one of the key highlights and goals of Dhanteras is that humans purchase gold bullion and silver bars objects commonly withinside the shape of jewelry together with a few utensils fabricated from metal and brass.

During this auspicious time, devotees across the united states of America adore and worship Lord Kuber and Goddess Lakshmi. They each are regarded to be the god and goddess of wealth.

According to Hindu mythology, Goddess Lakshmi emerged from the sea with a pot of gold in her fingers in the course of the churning of the sea, which is likewise called Samudra Manthan. So, to be blessed with the aid of using her, humans put money into gold in the course of this time in order that their prosperity will increase withinside the coming year.

According to every other story, it turned into prophesied that the son of King Hima could die of a snake chunk on the fourth day of his marriage. To show this incorrect his spouse now no longer permit him to sleep all night time. She located all she embellishes in a basket and stored them close to the door at night time. Along with that, she located some lamps around it.

Furthermore, to preserve him awake, the spouse stored making a song and tells him testimonies all night time so that it will preserve her husband's alert. When Lord Yama, the God of Death got here to take King Hima's son’s existence withinside the shape of a serpent, he turned into surprised with the aid of using all of the lighting fixtures and stopped on the door. Following that, Lord Yama, who couldn't input the house, left the couple alone. So preserving tradition, humans purchase gold and silver on Dhanteras so that it will shield themselves and their cherished ones from all harm, danger, and negativity.