Queries return results that are displayed in contraptions. For illustration, a number contrivance displays the result of a computation that's defined in a query. Queries can be erected on a data source, Certified-Tableau-CRM-and-Einstein-Discovery-Consultant like a dataset or a Salesforce object. They can also be “ custom queries ” created with stoner- defined values.

Set the original selections and global pollutants that appear when the dashboard first opens. To dissect the results from a different angle, the dashboard bystander can change the original selections and, if configured, global pollutants while viewing the dashboard.

Before you finalize the dashboard, run a performance check on the dashboard and its queries to insure that everything is running optimally. Exam Labs Dumps The dashboard inspector identifies different types of backups, like query issues and spare queries, and provides recommendations to ameliorate performance. Because dashboard layouts can contain different contraptions( and queries), run the inspector on each layout. However, run the inspector on each runner, If a dashboard contains multiple runners. The inspector provides results only for the current runner.

Extend CRM Analytics far and wide throughout your business. The CRM Analytics visualizations you ’ve erected are more important when you partake them across your Salesforce experience by integrating them into custom runners, Visualforce runners, Experience pall spots, and more. In addition, custom menus in lenses and dashboards allow you to perform common Salesforce conduct directly from CRM Analytics.


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