Malaysian medical doctors who plan to practice Aesthetic Medicine are required to undergo an assessment outlined by the Malaysian Ministry of Health. Since the practice of Aesthetic Medicine is not regarded as a specialty, the Ministry of Health provides qualified doctors a Letter of Credentialing & Privileging (LCP), which says that the holder of this credential is privileged to practice Aesthetic Medicine. Therefore, a medical doctor in Malaysia who wishes to practice Aesthetic Medicine must have his / her Letter of Credentialing & Privileging (LCP).

However, the process has some prerequisites that needs to be fulfilled, such as being fully registered with Malaysian Medical Council, in possession of a valid APC, be in practice for a minimum of 2-years, and of course, being able to pass the LCP exam conducted by the Malaysian Ministry of Health. Doctors who are new to Aesthetic Medicine are encouraged to attend a comprehensive training program that will not only coach doctors in Aesthetic Medicine, but also draft the pathway to operate a successful Aesthetic business operation.

How To Apply For LCP?
The Ministry of Health Malaysia together with the relevant professional bodies, formed a task force known as the Main LCP Committee to prepare the Guidelines on Aesthetic Medical Practice for Registered Medical Practitioners and to monitor the LCP process for Malaysian Medical Doctors.

Who Regulates LCP Malaysia?

The LCP Committee and relevant guidelines were enacted to regulate the practice of Aesthetic Medicine in Malaysia. Medical Doctors in Malaysia who want to practice Aesthetic Medicine should fulfill certain prerequisites before being able to apply for the LCP exam. The Ministry of Health (Malaysia) has outlined the guidelines for practicing Aesthetic Medicine in Malaysia to regulate the practice.

Importance Of Getting LCP In Aesthetic Medicine
Doctors who perform Aesthetic Medical procedures without their LCP are in professional misconduct. Similarly doctors who “rent” LCP from other Doctors are also equally in misconduct.

Aesthetic courses Malaysia

With the LCP, the medical practitioner’s name will be listed in the National Registry of Registered Medical Practitioners Practicing Aesthetic Medical Practice and they can practice Aesthetic Medicine legitimately.