New Energy Electric Vehicle Panda parameters and configuration Size: 3160-1600-1650 Specifications: Five doors and four seats Standard collocation: 1. 1500 DC /3000W AC motor rear axle (optional) 2. Mingzun/Imball controller (optional) 3. Ultra-quiet rear axle (optional) 4. Voice interconnection system (optional) 5. Multi-function steering wheel (optional) 6. 9.3-inch wide screen 7. Four wheel disc brake 8. Four central control doors 9. Four door electric 10. Spray wiper 11. 155-65-13 aluminum wheel (optional) 12. Seat belts for front and front passengers (optional) 13. Luxury and high-end seats 14. Luxurious interior 15. Reverse image, reverse radar 16. The whole car colorful metal paint 17. High bright LED convex through headlights 18. Brake power, built-in charger (optional) 聽聽New Energy Electric Vehicle website: