Mine prospecting, ore processing, operations, and management may result in land deviations, as well as environment issues such as deforestation, soil pollution and variation, erosion, contamination of surrounding streams and wetlands, and an upsurge in noise and air pollution. The impact of unchecked mining contamination is evident. The pollutants released in mining process have major consequences. Extracting mining techniques like drilling and blasting; later loading and unloading, transporting, mine handling plants, even ore processing like crushing of ore all are the activities that cause environmental damage all across coal mine regions. In rivers and streams, mine residue, heavy metals, and acidic water are frequently found. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, mining has contaminated much more than 40% of Western Wetlands. Metal mines produced over 2 billion pounds of noxious chemicals in 2017. Seventy-eight mines and mining operations have been classified as federal Superfund sites by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Please visit here https://watermanaustralia.com/pollution-contamination-environmental-impacts-from-mining-and-ore-processing-industry-effluent-waste/ for more details.

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