your birth control messing with your sex life?

When comedian Whitney Cummings joined Rachel Bilson during the March 13 episode of the actor’s “Broad Ideas” podcast, both women shared that they had never had an orgasm from sex until they stopped taking hormonal birth control pills.To get more news about vigrx plus pills, you can visit official website.

Difficulty reaching orgasm or a lowered sex drive is not an uncommon experience, especially for women and people with female genitalia, said Dr. Elisabeth Gordon, a sexual health psychiatrist based in New York City. But the evidence on whether birth control causes those problems is mixed, she added.
Most people taking birth control pills will not experience any change in their libido, while some will see it go up and others will see it go down, Gordon said.

If you are experiencing roadblocks to during intimacy, however, there are ways to balance pleasure and protection, Gordon said.
What it may be doing to your body
Why would birth control pills mess with your sex life?

The way combination pills work — with both progesterone and estrogen — prevents ovulation, said Dr. Alyssa Dweck, a gynecologist based in New York.

Not ovulating might mean not having the surge of hormones in a menstrual cycle that motivates someone to have sex so the species can keep reproducing, she added.

Another theory is that the pill containing estrogen increases a protein in the liver that binds testosterone, which means there is less free testosterone in the bloodstream and therefore potentially less sex drive or more difficulty with orgasm, Dweck said.

“There’s been a lot of controversy about this subject matter for years,” Dweck said. “I’ve been in practice (for), like, 29 years, and this has been an issue of discussion for that entire time.”