Dietary Supplement Brand Logo Design and Label Design: Operation Document

We appreciate your interest in our design services. As a testament to our meticulous approach, every design we create is the product of numerous successful cases. Our experience and expertise have been honed through the careful execution of myriad projects, each with unique challenges and triumphs.

In our commitment to your future success, we ask you to thoughtfully and thoroughly complete the required content. The details you provide are pivotal in helping us bring your vision to life and create a design that encapsulates your brand's essence.  Private Label Supplements

We believe that every design is an artistic expression and a strategic tool for business success. Hence, our motto: "Designing Success, One Pixel at a Time."

We look forward to embarking on this creative journey and turning your vision into a compelling visual reality.

  1. Photo Selection

Choose 1-3 high-resolution photos from your preferred brand. These photos should be able to capture the essence of the brand and its visual appeal. Visit  or Amazon (Search Supplements)to find and download the appropriate images.

  1. Color Selection

Select 1-2 favorite colors that you think best represent the brand. You can refer to the following websites to choose the colors:

Trending Colors:

Popular Palettes:

Corporate Colors:


You may copy the color code or take a screenshot of the chosen color for reference.

  1. Brand Positioning and Target Audience

Define your brand's positioning and target audience. The positioning should encapsulate the brand's unique attributes and how it differentiates from competitors. The target audience should be identified based on market research and an understanding of consumer behaviors.

  1. Corporate Vision

Devise a corporate vision statement that is short, clear, and compelling. The vision should be forward-looking and capable of inspiring internal teams and customers.

  1. Product Name and Highlighted Features

Determine the English name of the product and choose 2-3 key features to highlight. The product name should be catchy and informative, and the highlighted features should focus on the product's benefits.

  1. Logo Meaning

Define what your logo represents. It could be a symbolic representation of the brand's philosophy, mission, or the essence of the product.

  1. Design Style

Choose a design style that aligns with the brand identity. The options are:


High Contrast Visual Identity



Graphic + Text

Please provide all the gathered information electronically and update the document for reference and future revisions.

Design Sampleļ¼š

Brand Design Case: Dietary Supplement - "NutriZen"

  1. Photo Selection

For NutriZen, we've chosen three photos from our favorite brand, "The Honest Company," due to their product line's commitment to transparency and purity. The chosen photos depict clean, minimalist packaging with natural elements, which aligns with our brand vision.

  1. Color Selection

We have chosen two colors from the Trending Colors palette on

Aqua Sky (#7addd6) – a calming and refreshing shade reminiscent of clean, tropical waters. This color represents health and tranquility.

Mantis Green (#74c365) – a vibrant, lively green that signifies nature and vitality, embodying the natural ingredients in our product.

  1. Brand Positioning and Target Audience

Our brand, NutriZen, is positioned as a premium dietary supplement brand focusing on all-natural, non-GMO ingredients to promote holistic well-being. Our target audience consists of health-conscious adults (both men and women) aged 25-55 who value transparency, purity, and the incorporation of natural elements in their dietary supplements.

  1. Corporate Vision

Our vision is "Elevate well-being, naturally." We believe in the power of nature to promote health and vitality.

  1. Product Name and Highlighted Features

Our flagship product is "NutriZen Core Balance," a multivitamin supplement. The highlighted features include:

Comprehensive wellness: packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

Natural energy boost: B vitamins to help convert food into energy.

Antioxidant support: Vitamin C, E, and Selenium contribute to the body's antioxidant activities.

Small molecule technology: enhances nutrient absorption.

  1. Logo Meaning

Our logo, a Zen circle combined with a leaf, symbolizes balance and nature. The Zen circle represents enlightenment and the perfection of wisdom, while the leaf signifies our commitment to natural, botanical ingredients.

  1. Design Style

Our design style combines graphic elements with text. The graphic element, our logo, stands alone on the front, while the product name and features are presented in clear, easy-to-read text. Our selected colors, Aqua Sky and Mantis Green, achieve a high-contrast visual identity.

Upon receiving all the detailed documents about your brand, our dedicated designers will start working on your project. We strive to provide the initial design drafts within 24-48 hours. Our commitment to speed does not compromise the quality and creativity of our work; ensuring your satisfaction is our top priority.

Please note that our policy allows only one round of modifications for each label design after providing the initial draft. Any revisions beyond this scope will be subject to additional charges, equivalent to a new label design fee. This policy ensures that our design team can effectively manage time and resources while delivering top-quality designs for all our clients.

We appreciate your understanding of this process and look forward to delivering a brand design that meets your vision. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

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In today's fiercely competitive market, Cost6 has emerged as a leading private labeler of dietary supplements. Through their commitment to maintaining the highest standards in their core values, Cost6 continues to expand and innovate, staying ahead of the curve. This article will delve into the company's six core values, reflecting on its business mission, efficient supply chain, Intelligent Product System, complete marketing system, Competitive Analysis Model, and Ex Works system on both coasts. Inspired by Costco's corporate mission, Cost6's enterprise slogan encapsulates their dedication to these values: "Empowering Wellness through Innovation and Excellence."

Cost6's primary mission is to improve customers' health and well-being by offering high-quality, innovative dietary supplements at affordable prices. The company aims to develop strong, long-lasting relationships with clients and suppliers, ensuring.

we can deliver the most effective and reliable products to consumers. By consistently investing in research and development, Cost6 stays at the forefront of the industry, offering cutting-edge solutions for optimal health.

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