2023 Shanghai 22nd International Real Estate Immigrant Exhibition

The Shanghai International Property & Investment Immigration Exhibition is now the most important event for the growing industry of overseas home buyers and investment immigration in China. The exhibition covers four main themes: Overseas Property, Overseas Immigrants, Overseas Students, Overseas Investment. To get more news about Shanghai China events, you can citynewsservice.cn official website.

The 3-day exhibition will attract many companies come from Europe, North America, Asia, Australia, Africa and other more than 40 countries and regions involved in overseas property, immigration, investment, study and other fields of participation, it focus on demonstrating high quality real estate projects and investment immigration services. "2023 Shanghai 22nd International Property & Investment Immigration Expo" is the only professional home investment and immigration exhibition in Shanghai region. We can provide you with a bigger and broader platform to promote your projects, so that you can meet customers' intentions face to face, know the advantages and disadvantages of your projects. So we must be your best choice to enter Shanghai.

The exhibition has unlimited business opportunities and huge market potential, where you are invited to participate here to create a market for a prosperous future!
A. Fill in the application form, seal it and return it to the Organising Committee. The exhibitor must pay 50% of the exhibition fee as a deposit within 3 days of the request for payment in order to reserve the stand. The balance of the stand fee must be paid before 30th September 2023, and lump sum payment is welcome. Failure to do so will be considered by the Organising Authority as the exhibitor's withdrawal. If the exhibitor withdraws from the exhibition after registration, the exhibition fee will not be refunded.

B. After the confirmation of the booth, the Exhibitor Manual shall be sent to the Exhibitor by the Organising Authority. The manual shall include information on transportation of exhibits, booth design and construction, travel and transportation guide, furniture rental service and other information.

C. The allocation principle of the booth order is "first application, first payment, first arrangement". The Organising Committee can confirm the booth reserved by the exhibitor only after receiving the deposit of the exhibition fee.