When planning a holiday, the comfort and joy of our four-legged friends often top the list of considerations. For many, the allure of foreign lands fades when faced with the complexities of pet travel. But, fortunately, tucked away in the heart of the UK are two idyllic locales that perfectly cater to pet enthusiasts: the historic charm of Stamford and the enchanting beauty of the Cotswolds. Both destinations promise unforgettable experiences for both humans and their canine companions. If a serene staycation with your beloved pet sounds like a dream, let us guide you through the myriad of opportunities awaiting in Stamford and the Cotswolds.

Historic Walks in Stamford:

Stamford offers a journey through time with its streets lined with centuries-old architecture. Meandering through this rich heritage with your dog, especially along the serene paths by the River Welland, is an experience like no other.

Long Dog Walks in the Cotswolds:

The Cotswolds, adorned with rolling hills, presents a picturesque setting for long walks. The Cotswold Way, stretching 100 miles, boasts panoramic countryside views. But if a shorter stroll is more your speed, starting from Broadway and reaching the Broadway Tower promises enchanting sights. Always be prepared with a map and water, especially when treading through areas like the Wychavon Way with its stunning orchards, meadows, and riverside paths.

View Dog Friendly Cottages inThe Cotswolds from Cottages2Love here:

  1. Tiesel Cottage In The Cotswolds

Nestled in an idyllic Cotswold village just seven miles from the beautiful spa town of Cheltenham. Built in 1810, Tiesel Cottage is quaint with modern country chic. A perfect bolthole for friends, couples and families. Cosy and perfectly formed and nestled in a sleepy village, shrug off your city kicks and let this traditionally perfect cottage wrap you up in peace and tranquillity. The cottage is set in a quaint village, with picturesque views of the rolling valleys and beyond.  

  1. Truffles Cottage In The Cotswolds

2 New Row is part of a terrace of cottages numbering 6 built around 1810. The 2 storey cottage has a long front garden, recently redesigned, and a parking space off the lane. The cottage is constructed of Cotswold limestone, under a tiled roof and features original stone mullioned windows. It is Grade 2 Listed and in a Conservation Area, and as such, has the appearance and ambience of when it was built some 200 years ago. We also have an excellent pub, The Craven Arms immediately opposite

Pub Comforts:

Both Stamford and the Cotswolds cherish the tradition of cosy pubs. Whether it’s after a walk in Stamford’s historic avenues or the Cotswolds’ verdant trails, establishments like The Red Lion at Long Compton or The Lamb Inn, with its unique doggy menu, provide the perfect setting to relax.

Dog-Friendly Days Out:

Diversifying the holiday experience, Cotswold Lavender offers endless fields for both you and your pet to explore. Meanwhile, Stamford, with its Georgian Festival and proximity to events like the Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials, ensures a packed itinerary.

View Stamford Holiday Cottages from Cottages2Love here:

  1. Red Kite Cottage In Easton on the Hill
  2. Jack’s Cottage In Easton on the Hill
  3. Studio Apartment In Stamford Georgian Terrace
  4. Lotto’s Cottage In Easton on the Hill

Endless Dog Adventures:

From Stamford’s historic corners to the Cotswolds’ lush meadows, every day promises a new adventure for your canine friend.

Savouring the Warm Evenings:

When the sun casts longest shadows, and the evenings become balmy, both Stamford and the Cotswolds come alive with pub gardens. Establishments like The Shilton Rose & Crown near Burford or Stamford’s own local favourites offer delightful experiences.


Whether it’s Stamford’s historic allure or the Cotswolds’ pastoral charm, both destinations offer the perfect respite from the daily grind. Their abundance of dog-friendly activities ensures that your pet too gets the holiday they deserve. Why not discover the magic of both these places, with your furry companion trotting alongside?

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