Suzuki has been a reliable automaker for a long time. From sleek SUVs like the Ignis to bold off-roading mini SUVs like the Jimny, there's a lot of variety in their range. There are many reasons buying a used Suzuki makes a lot of sense in Springwood, and these used vehicles have a lot of qualities drivers in Brisbane and all across Queensland love.

5 Reasons Brisbane Drivers Love Used Suzuki Vehicles Available in Springwood 

1. The Resilience

In 2019, the results of a Canstar Blue survey revealed that Suzukis purchased between 2016 and 2019 were among the most reliable vehicles in Australia. In another survey in 2020, Suzuki in Australia was found to be the car brand that left customers who purchased small cars the most satisfied.

Suzuki in Australia received a five-star rating based on the reliability, value, and driving experience of Suzuki vehicles. The fact that Suzuki vehicles have been cited as highly reliable for years now shows these cars are resilient, making purchasing a pre-owned Suzuki a smart choice.

2. The Variety

Some automakers manufacture a lot of vehicles that are very similar to each other. Suzuki, however, manufactures a wide range of vehicles that will appeal to different drivers. If you like adventuring off the road, then the Jimny is a fantastic option. The Swift is a smart, small car with excellent handling that suits people who want a light, responsive vehicle. Drivers who want something sportier may opt for the Swift Sport.

The Ignis and S-Cross are SUVs that are well-suited to families. Although they're family-oriented vehicles, they're still powerful and stylish to appeal to other drivers. There's a lot more in Suzuki's lineup than what's been mentioned here.

3. The Cost

Older Suzuki models typically cost less than current-year models. How much a car costs varies considerably based on the car's configuration, and different dealerships charge different prices for vehicles, too. However, looking into specific models may show you an approximate difference in what you might pay for a new Suzuki versus an old one.

For example, a 2017 automatic transmission Suzuki Vitara with a 1.6-liter engine and forward wheel drive may cost as much as around $10,000 less than a 2023 automatic transmission forward wheel drive Vitara with a 1.6-liter engine. Remember, prices still vary based on many factors, but buying used is pretty much always a better option, budget-wise.

4. The Up-To-Date Technology

Even older Suzuki models can have plenty of technology that still feels fresh and modern.  One type of feature drivers love in Suzuki vehicles are tech-based safety features. These safety features include lane departure warning, autonomous emergency braking, wavering alert, and blindspot monitoring. These features are available on an array of Suzuki vehicles from over the years, and they work just as well on older models as they do on new ones.

Suzuki manufactures a variety of reliable vehicles that stand the test of time. Drivers love the up-to-date features, the reliability and resilience, and the upfront savings they get with older Suzuki models. This makes buying used cars from Suzuki an excellent option for anyone in the market for their first or next car.