Adelaide solar companies tend to use certain words when quoting a solar system or when explaining the benefits / advantages of their solar systems.

Many South Australian Solar Companies tend to believe that the general consumer is solar savvy and understands all the terminology that their sale team may use. At Solar Warehouse Australia, we don’t like to leave the consumer in the dark therefore we like to share all the terminology that may get thrown around so you, the customer is 100% aware of what to expect when speaking to an Adelaide solar company or when searching for Adelaide solar company reviews online.

Below you will find a full list of all terms/words/phrases that you may expect to read or hear when talking to any solar installers in Adelaide.

In Alphabetical order;

Alternating Current – AC current – Electric current in which the direction of electron flow is reversed at intervals (frequency). AC electricity is used in most household appliances and the electricity grid.

Array – An array is a group of solar panels Adelaide connected. An average Adelaide solar system generally has 2 arrays