10 Eco-friendly Finds For a More Sustainable Life

by Divya Sharma

Minimise your carbon footprint with these reusable swaps and upcycled creations!

very single day, countless volumes of plastic and other disposable items are sent to the landfill. Luckily, there are many simple reusable swaps and upcycled finds that you can incorporate into your daily routine to help minimise excess waste. Prime spots for making these swaps include your kitchen and bedroom, and small shops on Etsy have an array of innovative reusables for almost everything imaginable. By carrying a reusable shopping bag or wearing an upcycled jacket, you can be an eco-conscious consumer who inspires us all to strive to do better for Mother Earth. To continue down the path of greener living, we've rounded up some truly delightful items designed with the Earth in mind.  Psychic

Descriptions of the environmental attributes of any items on Etsy are based solely on seller’s listing information.

Go for reusable gift wrapping

Fabric gift wrap from Etsy India Seller UrbanCreativeEcoHome

SHOP: Fabric gift wrap from UrbanCreativeEcoHome, Rs 250

Make your next gift extra-memorable with Furoshiki, a traditional Japanese gift-wrapping fabric made of cotton or recycled polyester. The gorgeous colours and soft material make it a wonderful, zero-waste way to wrap gifts for a beautiful and unique presentation.

Bring along a bag

Quilted cotton bag from Etsy India Seller Bohcreation

SHOP: Quilted cotton bag from Bohcreation, Rs 2,582

It’s a BYO-bag party and you’re invited! Carry your farm-fresh fruits and vegetables in style with a reversible cotton tote bag, block-printed in a variety of fun patterns. The more you use it, the better.

Consider coconut shells

Tiered coconut shell plant pots from Etsy India Seller EcoboonByDrMughda

SHOP: Tiered coconut shell plant pots from EcoboonByDrMughda, Rs 750

The perfect home for a sturdy succulent? A minimalist planter carved from coconut shells. A little bit modern, a little bit earthy, this versatile vessel blends naturally with any decor scheme, whether you hang it next to your work desk or near a sunny spot in front of the windowsill.

Fold fabric napkins into your routine

Cloth napkins from Etsy India Seller Chezshipra

SHOP: Cloth napkins from Chezshipra, Rs 1,681

Make every meal as peppy as a picnic with washable cloth napkins crafted from natural cotton or linen. The beautiful block-printed patterns will help you set a more sustainable standard for your table and also bring some colour and freshness to it.

Cover leftovers with cloth

Fabric bowl cover set from Etsy India Seller NimaEmbroidery

SHOP: Fabric bowl cover set from NimaEmbroidery, Rs 1,637

Crafted from breathable fabric and ready for freshness-duty, a reusable bowl cover (complete with handy elastic closure) is an elegant reusable replacement for sheets of cling film and foil. Leftovers have never looked so good!

Try upcycled fashion

Brocade saree bomber jacket from Etsy India Seller kinchebyPayal

SHOP: Brocade saree bomber jacket from kinchebyPayal, Rs 7,753

Dressing in upcycled clothes not only gives pre-loved pieces a whole new life, it gives your wardrobe an enviable, one-of-a-kind edge. Our current fave? This bomber jacket made from vintage brocade sarees. It’s ideal for the changing weather and making a fashion statement.

Opt for canvas storage

Square storage basket from Etsy India Seller VLiving

SHOP: Square storage basket from VLiving, Rs 1,637

Running out of storage or getting tired of the clutter? Opt for canvas storage baskets that’ll not only help you organise your space better but also elevate your decor. The indigo print is perfect for any room you want to add more warmth to. You can even use this as a laundry basket!

Clean up with cotton wipes

Reusable makeup remover pads from Etsy India Seller TuneeManee

SHOP: Reusable makeup remover pads from TuneeManee, Rs 859

Treat your face to a scrub that’s easy on the skin and the environment! Reusable makeup remover pads, sewn from soft yet durable fabric, allow you to wipe away the remnants of the day with a touch of TLC. They’re available in two variants, terry towelling (100% cotton) and premium minky (synthetic). Even better? Once you’re done, you can just pop them straight into the laundry and reuse them.

Wrap leftovers in reusable beeswax wraps

Cotton beeswax food wrap from Etsy India Seller UrbanCreativeEcoHome

SHOP: Cotton beeswax food wrap from UrbanCreativeEcoHome, Rs 375

Instead of disposable cling film, wrap sandwiches, lunch, or leftovers in reusable beeswax food wraps. Made from cotton and infused in natural beeswax, organic cold pressed coconut oil and natural tree dammar gum, these handmade food wraps can be used over and over again while also ensuring your food stays fresh for longer.

Add to your decor

Recycled newspaper coasters from Etsy India Seller PaperBeeWeaves

SHOP: Recycled newspaper coasters from PaperBeeWeaves, Rs 948

Whether you’re setting up your home or looking for something to gift your eco-conscious bestie, this set of coasters made from recycled newspapers is just the thing to inspire a more sustainable lifestyle on a daily basis. They’re water resistant and the perfect companion for your morning chai.

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