The world is a mysterious place and has so much hidden right beneath the surface. There are things that are unexplainable and can not be contained in a single file of queries. If you have been waking up at night in cold sweats and can not bring out an explanation for the life of it, then you might just not be alone in your house.

No, it is not your cat waking you up for food. It is something else that is trying to gain your attention to have prominence in your life. This might sound creepy, but your house might be haunted. Stop giving into random narratives and start looking into signs that show you their presence.


A Persistent Smell That Never Seems To Go Away

The first thing you should notice are things that stimulate your senses. There will not be a prominent figure that will appear right in front of you every day and mark its presence. Things will start small, like a smell behind the fridge. With time and this can grow into more pungent smells.

Besides this, a person can also experience fragrant smells like roses or a very specific perfume that you do not own. You could also smell things burning or feel like something is constantly lit on fire. There is a certain instance where an author mentions the presence of the supposed devil in the book Silk. He describes the scene as the baby’s room smelling like something is burning, and upon inspection, the father finds a cassette that is burnt with nothing leading up to the incident.


Sudden Shifts In Temperature

Wouldn’t you find it weird that you’re sitting in a room and suddenly feel the temperature drop? You suddenly start feeling a little chilly, and no matter how you try to avoid it, you end up getting goosebumps. Well, you guessed it, this is a sign that there might be spirits beside you or near you, and they might be feeding off your energy.

When you get emotional and isolate yourself, you might also feel as if your body temperature has risen. This is a sign you are giving those beings a part of your energy and helping them feed off of you. The best way to avoid that is not be overtly emotional in places such as the bathroom or places most people do not frequently visit.


Random Noises

Do not ignore the random noises you hear in your house at the peak hour of 3-4 am. These noises are made intentionally and are a way of getting your attention. When you start hearing these noises which disrupt your sleep, and no one else seems to be disturbed by them, you should realize that these are intended for you.

No one else will be able to hear them, and you should be willing to save yourself rather than explaining to people around you what you hear. Another important thing to focus on is that you should not give in to these noises. Do not give in to curiosity and try to check the scene out. Being intrigued will only get you into more trouble.