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Why wasn't this done until release/done so fast post-release? The potions were analyzed and balanced ahead to RuneScape gold some level that we were pleased with their effects. It was just after tracking combat post release on a big scale which we could see the randomness of strike chances had been effected in a negative way. With the increased numbers"beneath the hood" so to speak, the randomness of hitting versus maybe not hitting a fight between differently buffed players had tilted in a way we didn't intend. As a result, more players may have lost an unfair struggle from the beginning. This is something we will look to rectify later on together with the combat system changes.

Why don't you let them in PvP but make the tradeable? A reasonable point, but we need these potions to only give benefits to players who have trained for the levels themselves. This remains the instance, as those who have trained profit advantages in PvE scenarios.

Is not there a problem in general by Hitpoints and Max-hit? Yes. Another reason that was considered in the removal was that a few weapons acquired capability to 1-hit a participant, or got closer to doing so. Whilst this phenomenon is infrequent, it didn't mean it wasn't possible. In regards to Hitpoints and Max-hitting, we will look to deal with this in relation to the battle system changes and possibly looking closer at the Defence skill.

Why did you do this, but leave items like monster claws/AGS since they are? It's true, some weapons special attacks are more effective than others. Whilst we could look at those on a case-by-case basis, things such as the claws have been part of the game for buy OSRS gold a year today. Again, since the claws/AGS are distinctly tied to some combat stat (Strike ) that they have no reason to be removed. These things are also observable if someone is holding them whereas a boosted stat isn't.

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