Though to set up your Linksys router, it is a prerequisite to do the login process first. Which requires accessing the login portal and inserting the accurate and default login credentials in the right sequence. So, it is necessary to keep in mind to use the router’s default web or IP address without any spelling mistakes. Also, you must fill in the username and password which is by default. Start the process by taking your mobile and searching for the web or IP address in its web browser. Use as the default web address and the IP address here will be 


So, choose any of them and access the login page on the browser. But, if you fail to use the web address then type the IP address. As you do this, the Linksys router login page will be accessible to you. On that page, you will need to fill in the default username and password of the router in the prompted fields. So, insert them into there and click on the login button and the login process will complete easily in this way. Alternatively, you can log in to the router on the WiFi app.