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Right... well I post a lot inquiring about what to do with RuneScape gold account and to be fair I just wish to train 1 account to be wealthy and have a top battle level, therefore I think its best if I just stick with ONE account. I have one which is level 78 that is my members account, this is my very first ever account, but he's poor (just has two mill). My target's for this particular account was to get every ability to 70 but im not convinced, as I'd like also but I kinda get caught up with other accounts because im tired of doing one ability.

My Second account: I've set targets of achieving 40 assault, 60 strength, 70 range & magic. (Presently the accounts im training on). My Third account is a all around account, but its own combat skills around just around 30-40 for each one, but might be made better. My fourth account is a skiller. None of the These are members aside the very first one I said about (the level 78). My question is: which one should I stick to and enhance? I'd like to boost my level 78 but im not sure what to train for cash for me started for getting all other abilities to 70, but then again I wouldn't mind training my pure accounts (the second one I said around ) but he wants to be improved so poorly! So what if I do?!

If you might have some equipment that you wanted, any type of items in your invitory, and having the tasks that you would like, what could they be? We all know (or at least suspect) that jagex is guiding quest lines towards another god wars, but nobody is sure how they'll bypass obstacles already put up in the narrative (notably the edicts of Guthix). What's your view on how they'll do this? Which god will begin it? Which mahjrahart will grow to godhood? How epic will the god wars be?

I think that the god wars will be triggered by bilrach... unknowingly. Bilrach plans to repeat zamorak's rise to godhood by banishing guthix. With Runescape 2107 gold no guthix and his edicts, Zaros must easily overpower saradomin and zamorak (he had superiority over them at the second age.) . The one exception is if bilrach goes to Zamoraks side. Since Zamorak would probably be zaros's primary goal, this would cut zaros's first strike brief due to the very first stage failing and cause gielenor to collapse into god wars. Several other dieties will likely immigrate to the airplane, furthering the battle.

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By Kin Gang
Added Oct 12


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