Today when environmental concerns are paramount, recycled plastics have gained prominence due to their industrial potential. In product packaging recycled plastic is used to make bottles, containers, and bags. In construction materials, these make a great deal for plastic lumber, decking, and roofing. Rot resistance and high durability of these plastics make them suitable for outdoor applications. The automotive sector also has space for recycled plastic in interior trims, wheel arches, and underbody shields. These lightweight plastic compounds are increasing efficiency.

 In the textile sector companies are seeking recycled plastic waste to create clothing, carpets, bags, and upholstery. Textiles manufacturers' use of processed plastic is recognized as “recycled polyester”. Recycled plastic is used in furniture, especially in outdoor applications such as chairs, tables, and benches. Electronic devices consist of such plastic in casings and housings. Switching to recycled plastic can assist companies in managing their environmental footprint. These novel applications of recycled plastic are diverting plastic waste from landfills to a key resource in the circular economy.

Consumer awareness of sustainable products is contributing to industrial innovation. It not only addresses the issue of plastic waste but also unlocks new revenue potential for early participants.