The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we do business and be professional. Zoom has been the place of choice for meetings and webinars, which have evolved into regular occasions. People use funny usernames for their businesses to draw the attention of customers and much more. However, the most noticeable effect has been that social media has become an indispensable platform for finding new job opportunities, learning about brand recognition, and increasing recognition. Therefore, every company needs to revise its strategy.

Online channels enable companies to communicate and interact with potential customers. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and even TikTok are popular websites with millions of users.

According to research, Facebook reaches over 59% of the world's population, and LinkedIn has over 800 million users from over 200 countries. 90% of Instagram users have official brand accounts, and 79% use these platforms to search for job vacancies in the labor market. Additionally, due to the outbreaks that hit social media, it became a necessity for marketers as they had to cut their budgets. They had to focus on investments that would pay off in the short term. I will pay.

In Singapore, 70% of the population uses social media, so small or large businesses need to incorporate social media into their marketing strategies. If you want to hire a social media marketing agency, some research is necessary. However, experts from Via Media can help develop a personalized digital advertising strategy that helps build brand awareness and generate leads. They can also help you get tips, use social listening, find opportunities and track their activities.

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A complete guide for selecting a social media marketing agency for business

You can audit their accounts on social platforms

The emerging digital marketing agency should have profiles on well-known accounts with a solid observation base. Use the Audit Tool to determine if they have bought followers, likes, or tweets, as many agencies use it to attract customers. Familiarize yourself with the copywriting, creativity, and creative ideas posted in online channels. Browse Instagram for images and image quality. You can get an idea of ​​how they interact with viewers.

Know your requirements and targets 

Before requesting a digital marketing company quote, decide on your goals and requirements. Do you want to outsource the entire project to them, or just a creative aspect such as content, advertising, or customer feedback management?

Know the business communication and momentum 

Was it easy to contact the organization you are interested in? Has it been a long time before they started answering your call or email? If you have had difficulty reaching them, you should expect the same quality of service when you decide to hire them. Communication with professionals is crucial, and there are instances where you may need digital marketing reports urgently to make a critical business decision.

Judge their efforts in the beginning 

A reputable company will ask about your business goals at the first meeting. Many professionals gain insight into your business before they can meet you. If you can detect multiple sales pitches when communicating with them, you should move on. Find experts who will take the time to understand your brand's purpose and identity and your message and character before creating your digital marketing strategy. They will provide you with a questionnaire to complete.

Skills and milestones 

A business looking to become a digital marketing agency must be able to develop a tactical plan in response to your suggestions. After getting your consent, they follow the strategic plan, and if it fails, they modify it again until it works. They make sure that their clients get a positive return on investment.

Social media marketing has to be about having visuals. So choose a digital marketing agency with an impressive portfolio of creations and content that looks after design. Browse through their portfolio to see if their style suits your specific project.