Chilling Vat Machine

Planet Baba makes Chilling Vat Machine of different capacities depending with the needs of the client. But for start-ups we recommend them to have 100 liters to 10,000 liters. This gives you a good allowance to scale up without needing to purchase another one within a short time of buying as your business grows. Still if you need a smaller one we are ready to make it for you. Manufactured using proven engineering principles, combines with 30 years designing and manufacturing experience, every BMC (DX, Vertical, Horizontal) tank is constructed from high quality stainless steel (304) resulting in a superior hygienic finish.

Milk Chilling Vat Price - These are large tanks designed to Milk Chilling Vat collected from multiple farmers. These BMC coolers have a significant capacity and are suitable for dairy cooperatives and collection centers. They offer an efficient way to store large volumes of milk before transportation to processing facilities.


Milk Cooling VAT

Instant Milk Cooling Vat is more compact units used by individual farmers to cool small quantities of milk directly on the farm. These chillers are convenient for farmers with limited milk production and help maintain milk quality by quickly reducing its temperature.

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