Activations from Bright Butterfly Enterprises

Why are these important for humanity?

They are a jumpstart for the Soul.  As we awaken to our full potential as spiritual beings in human form, it is vital that we bring in all forms of support from the hierarchies as our light body can hold. Life Transformation Coach

These activations are a Divine Tool that Pam Bright has been given to assist you with anchoring the frequencies that will assist your Full Body System for your health and well-being.

Many human beings living on Earth today, are experiencing the desire and yearning for angelic, galactic, planetary, elemental, and magical helpers to guide them. As the desire for living a life based on mission and purpose gets more and more intense, we realize that it is no longer acceptable to us as a collective to merely “get by”

Allow yourselves to receive from the huge numbers of organizations that are dedicated to your 3D experience here on planet Earth.  Do Not Do Life Alone!!

As you grow spiritually, your Soul will and actually is calling you forth to Activate all of your Soul’s Gifts.  The Activations that Pam has been given are designed to release what no longer serves you as a light-being in human form as well as bringing in the energies that are aligned with your Soul

Using Bright Language which is entrained with Light Code frequencies, Pam channels through the information most needed with sound and vibration for your cellular structure, highest human health and well-being, and Soul Expression to the World.

Bright Butterfly Enterprise invites you to give yourself the gift of deepening your Spiritual Life. As you allow all of the guides, teachers, angels, and  magical beings to download your light codes for your own healing and well-being, you will find massive openings and experiences for your amazing spiritual journey.

Two of our most sought after Activations are the Spirit Team Creation and the Soul Contract and Karmic Release.

Many of you already have some kind of relationship with a Higher Power, or God of the Universe, or Supreme Intelligence. However, it has also been shown that many of you have been unsatisfied with the connections that you have and are searching for something deeper.

We believe that these Activations are the deeper help that you are seeking for your Soul’s Highest Expression in the world in which you are living now.

Since you all have Spirit Guides that walk with you daily, it is time for you to consciously bring them into relationship with you and bond co-creatively.

And all of humanity has accumulated Karma from multiple lifetimes that are wrecking havoc with your ability to live out your mission.  They show up as unhealthy habits, recurring patterns, addictions of all sorts, and general dis-EASE.

We work with the Dragon Guides to release the old Karmic Soul Contracts that are no longer needed for your spiritual journey now. Then through the Bright Language Energetics, the new contract that is relevant for you today, comes through to you for your health and well-being.

Our 3D life of meeting survival needs are important and must be focused on at this time of our Earth history, and those are still challenging for many people.  However, it is also a time of great unfolding of the huge amount of financial and economic help that is available to those in need.

It is time for you to release and surrender what no longer serves you and align with your true Soul’s Calling.

Allow yourself to receive the gift of an activation today.  As with all of the Activations, Full Body System Wellness Coaching is highly recommended as a follow-up to ground you in your new expression as the New Human expressing in the world of your Creation.

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