Elevate your well-being with Replenish Wellness Infusion's home IV vitamin therapy. Our hydrate IV infusion treatments offer superior hydration and essential nutrients.

Wellness Infusions

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Replenish Wellness Infusion is an IV hydration studio in Sola Salon, Canton, Michigan. We also provide an at-home IV hydration service, which is a great option if an office setting is inconvenient (CALL US). To restore hydration and help support your immune system, we offer booster shots with targeted intravenous infusions that are packed with healthy liquids, vitamins, minerals or electrolytes, and other essential nutrients.

IV hydration therapy, also known as an intravenous infusion, is commonly used to treat different health problems, such as improved immunity function, antiaging, reversing hangovers, detoxification, and so on. The results will be quicker than oral or traditional medicines due to intravenously delivered medicinal products in the veins. According to the doctors, intravenous nutrition therapy has a safe, efficient, and soothing effect on individual patients; their individualized needs can be adapted.

Nowadays, IV vitamin therapy is more frequently given to patients fighting for better health because they want to avoid a future flu virus or enjoy more incredible energy throughout the day. It is healthy, efficient, and soothing.

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