The rising need for energy resources in India is one of the main factors driving the expansion of trade between Russia and that country. India has been working to diversify its energy sources, and Russia is one of the biggest producers of gas and oil in the world. Since the two nations have been working together in the energy industry for a long time, there has been a major increase in the trading of crude oil, natural gas, and coal. The trade relationship between Russia and India also has a number of drivers.

 India imported 1,225 products from Russia in FY 2021–2022.

1.The top Russian imports to India ($5,035.27 million) are mineral fuels, mineral oils & products, bituminous materials, and mineral waxes. Pearls, precious or semi-precious stones/metals and articles thereof, fake jewellery, and coins ($1,253.32 million) in the financial years 2021–2022. This is based on Russia Export data.


2.Russia imported 29.03 billion dollars worth of goods into India between April and November 2022.

3.India would import petroleum products from Russia from April to November 2022, including crude (value US$ 19,237 million), coal, coke, and briquettes (of US$ 3,181 million), among other things.

4.According to data on exports and imports, iron and steel ($479.52 million) and electrical machinery, equipment, and parts, as well as sound and television recorders and reproducers, and parts, make up the majority of India's exports to Russia in fiscal years 2021–2022.