Because her childhood decades, she is into activities like football and snow hockey. She learned drums, violin and dances in addition to she became a regular performer at the Watertown Children's Theater. She attended senior high school at the Watertown Large School. She in the pipeline to follow her British class at Suffolk College but stardom take her away.

Spreading calls for lead role Alice in the film That Night. She was chosen among different hopefuls at age 10. That stint start gates on her as she stared alongside Robert de Niro and Leonardo di Caprio in This Boy's Littlesula  Life. She arrived on other tasks such as for example True Lies, Bye Bye, Enjoy, and Race the Sun. Not only that, she also seemed in tv shows and small films.

After her few years break, Eliza arrived while the attractive and twisted Religion in the Warner Bros. show Buffy the Vampire Slayer starring equally warm and pretty Debbie Michelle Gellar. Her part is initially prepared for five episodes, she lasted the whole next year and reprise her role in the two-part show in time four. Religion delivered as a heroine in Angel opposite Mark Boreanaz. Being an effective actress in a sociopath position, she turned a tattoo of some criminals.

Her big T.V. achievement created her easy to crossover the film scene. Her comeback film Carry It On alongside Kirsten Dunst is just a surprise attack of 2000. These year, she produced The New Guy other DJ Qualls and her gathering picture with Robert P Niro via Town By the Sea. Then followed Kevin Smith's movie Jay and Quiet Frank Hit Back along with hot Benjamin Affleck, equally warm and sexy stars Shannon Elizabeth and Ali Larter. Her follow-up movie Wrong Change took her while the cause role about five persons presented as feed to several cannibals.