Sonalika 6 Feet Rotavators are known for their high-quality engineering, equipped with a multitude of features that ensure superior performance in the field. With its strength and usability, these rotavators offer a seamless tilling experience for farmers. The Sonalika rotavator 6 feet price starts from INR 50,000* and varies according to the models, features, and dealer location.

Sonalika 6 Feet Rotavators' robust construction and advanced features, these rotavators offer an efficient and seamless tilling solution for farmers, thereby enhancing overall agricultural productivity.

Some key features and benefits of the Sonalika 6 Feet Rotavators include:

Helical Arrangement of Blades: The perfect helical arrangement of blades ensures efficient tillage resulting in finely tilled soil ready for seeding.

Durable Boron Steel Blades: Sonalika 6 Feet Rotavators are available with both L and J-type boron steel blades. These rotavators guarantee exceptional longevity and sustained cutting performance, enabling farmers to achieve optimal results in various soil conditions.

Versatile Operational Capability: Sonalika 6 Feet Rotavators are equipped with duo cone mechanical oil seals, enabling these rotavators for both dry and wet land operations, providing farmers with the flexibility to work across diverse terrains without compromising on efficiency.

Enhanced Stability and Durability: The inclusion of an oil-immersed side bearing and a robust hitch pyramid that can attached to the range of tractors ensures superior load distribution, offering enhanced stability and durability during heavy-duty tilling tasks.

Efficient Gearbox System: The heavy-duty multispeed (4-speed) gearbox provides a wider range of rotor speeds, enabling farmers to adjust the tilling intensity as per the specific requirements of their land, leading to optimal soil preparation for improved crop yield.