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They ruined many specs. The artifact weaponand legendary system made the rotten corpse pretty for classic wow gold a while, but in BfA we watched just how bad a lot of the legion overhaulswere.The Legion overhauls were designed with the artifacts and legos in your mind, then in BfA they took them out andadditional... fuck all. The problem there's that the taking out them without a good replacement.

The problem were that the barebonespecs, on which the leggos were designed, even the leggos were just a bandaid fix into the they are in SL. Theyunderstood how awful the specs were. When BfA rolled about and nuked our artifacts and legendaries from orbit, a lot of thesespecs got shafted, even though they were just fine the expansion prior, since Blizzard decided to make most of the mainartifact/leggo abilities watered-down talents, or just not bringing them at all, instead of producing them baseline, which made agreat deal of specs feel terrible compared to their Legion versions.
Azerite armor being the shitshow it had been for the entireexpansion did not do a great deal of favors to those specs either because of how hard it was to target the specific BiS armor bitsyou had in order to do any sort of reasonable damage (Watch: Ranked Gaze for Havoc, Chorus of Insanity for SPriest, Blaster Masterfor Fire Mage, etc). If you did not have 3 of the same mandatory traits, then your spec would feel terrible and perform about too.Despite it's shaky start with systems (looking at you legendary RNG and AP mill ) I truly loved this expansion. DH is a greatclass. It was enjoyable to see Illidan again. The places were beautiful with participating stories. 
The raids were all fun anddifferent. Class halls are something that I sorely missed and mage tower was a really fun challenge.BfA has been a step back fromLegion in lots of ways, more of a contraction than a growth.Really the only significant problem that Legion was theweekly"narrative" articles for patch 7.2 (out of course order hall stuff) along with also the buy gold classic wow RNG accquisition of legendaries,particularly at the beginning when there were lots of crappy legendaries.

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