So we all have stretch marks, but how exactly is it that they exist? As baffling as it may be, the answer is quite simple. Once you know what the root causes of stretch marks are, it would be easier to find an effective solution for them.

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So what causes stretch marks to develop in the first place? Stretch marks basically develop due to the skin being stretched to a certain point. Usually, the skin starts to tear or break down when it is stretched too much. If you stretch a piece of rubber band enough and frequently so, it is bound to lose elasticity and break. It is quite the same story when it comes to our skin. We just don't realize that we are losing collagen and elastin, which are two elements that help skin stay supple and youthful in appearance.

Our skin has several layers. Collagen and elastin is found in our skin. When these are damaged or stretched to the limit, the effects actually show on the top layer of our skin. This is why stretch marks are so obvious. They are actually scar tissue that has formed. Scars form when the body is unable to repair the skin properly. Sometimes the body is forced to do some repair work on the skin rapidly due to excessive stretching, and so damaged skin is unable to "close up" well. Scars form and they are often firm and rough to the touch. What has just been explained is the very basic cause of stretch marks.

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Because stretch marks are basically caused by excessive stretching of and damage to the skin, they can be caused by weight lifting, pregnancy and puberty. Sudden increase in the size of muscles can cause the skin to tighten so much that "tears" occur and cause scar tissue to form. It is quite the same during pregnancy, when the skin surrounding the rapidly growing balance does not have enough time to produce enough new skin cells to develop properly. And in puberty, children go through sudden growth spurts that eventually cause the development of stretch marks.

Other causes include rapid weight gain or weight loss. When you gain weight rapidly, the skin is being stretched suddenly and beyond its limit. When you lose weight too fast, your skin tends to sag and gradually lose elasticity (this is why moderate exercise is recommended to firm up the muscles and skin). Another cause is said to be certain medications or chemicals that stunt collagen development in the skin. This is one reason why many people prefer natural treatments when trying to get rid of stretch marks.

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Causes Of Stretch Marks In Women

Both men and women can get stretch marks, but women get them more commonly due to the complex birth cycle that women experience. Inner skin tissues increase in size to cater to the added weight and eventually result in tears and breaking. This is aggravated even more in pregnant women.

Causes Of Stretch Marks In Men

Men do have stretch marks like women, but they just tend to be less evident do to the body hair covering them. In men, the main causes of stretch marks are adolescence, intense training (athletes), and weight loss/gain. Boys can very well develop stretch marks during periods of fast growth. Stretch marks are considered very typical among weight lifers.

Many people think that stretch marks can never be treated. However, this is not true. Although it is hard to get rid of stretch marks, it takes the right knowledge and treatment to cure and prevent stretch marks.