There can be several glitches that create the Wavlink extender not working issue. But, don’t worry, you can resolve that by using the relevant troubleshooting tips. Foremost of all, check the connection between the extender and your existing router. Make sure they are placed ideally, far from thick walls, and with a gap of only a little distance. Check that if there are signal interruptions from electrical or other metallic things, and that’s why, place the extender away from them. Meanwhile, unplug the extender and plug it in again after waiting for some time or rebooting. Sometimes wireless connections are not able to provide stable signal transmission so try making wired connections. Use strong and long ethernet wires to attach the existing router, extender, and your devices. If the error still persists, then reset the extender using the reset button and repeat the setup. In doing so, there will not be any remaining issues in the network for sure.