electric skateboard remoteElectric Skateboard Remote is an essential tool that every electric skateboard rider must have. It is the device that controls the skateboard and makes it move forward, backwards, or even stop. But, not all electric skateboard remotes are the same, some have various features that improve the rider's experience. In this article, we will discuss the five essential features that you must consider when choosing an electric skateboard remote. 1. Ergonomic Design One of the most important features of an electric skateboard remote is its design. The Remote should be designed to fit comfortably in your hand for easy use. You will be holding it for a while, so it should be comfortable and easy to grip. The Remote should also have simple and easy-to-use buttons that can be easily accessed when you are controlling the skateboard. Ergonomic design ensures that you can ride your electric skateboard for as long as you want comfortably. 2. Safe and Reliable Connection The connection between the electric skateboard and the remote transmitter is very important. A safe and reliable connection ensures that the Remote does not lose connection while you are riding your skateboard, which could lead to an accident. High-quality electric skateboard remotes come with a secure connection where the skateboard only moves when the remote is actively used by the rider. 3. Battery Life The battery life of an electric skateboard remote is another factor to consider. A long-lasting battery ensures you can ride your skateboard without worrying about the Remote running out of battery. Look for an electric skateboard remote that has a battery life that can last as long as the skateboard's battery life or longer. It is a great way to ensure that you can ride your skateboard conveniently without worrying about your Remote's battery level. 4. Customization The electric skateboard remote's customization is an essential feature to look out for when purchasing one. A customizable remote allows you to adjust the acceleration, breaking, and speed of your skateboard. This feature enables a rider to adjust the skateboard's speed to their specific preference, ensuring that they have a unique riding experience. 5. LCD Display Screen The LCD display screen is another critical feature of an electric skateboard remote. It provides information about battery life, connectivity, speed, and other essential information. You can easily know how much battery life is remaining and adjust the speed of the skateboard as per your comfort level. Advanced models of electric skateboard remotes come with an LCD display screen, which makes the riding experience more fun and interactive. In conclusion, choosing the right electric skateboard remote can make a huge difference between having a great riding experience or a disaster. When deciding to purchase an electric skateboard remote, you must consider the ergonomic design, a safe and reliable connection, battery life, customization, and an LCD Display screen. As a rider, you want to have an electric skateboard remote that is comfortable to use, has a secure connection, and provides vital information about your skateboard's condition. Always ensure you do thorough research before purchasing one.