What is microblading?


A semi-permanent tattooing procedure for the eyebrows is called microblading treatment. By giving the appearance of a more defined and fuller brow, microblading can be done on someone with sparse to nonexistent eyebrows. The result? Realistic-appearing brow hairs that last for at least a year.


Many of us invest a significant amount of time and money in waxing, threading, plucking, and filling up our brows. Due to this, many people consider more permanent procedures like microblading in Birmingham. Since eyebrow trends are cyclical, we can all agree that “this decade's eyebrow trend is in favour of the semi-permanent charm of microblading."


How does it work?

Tiny, hair-like strokes are formed while applying pigment to the skin's epidermal layer when utilising a manual tattooing technique. To preserve results, it is advised to get a touch-up every one to two years due to the pigment's fading with time.


Microblading treatment Pros & Cons


Like any other cosmetic treatment, it comes with its own pros and cons. Let's count the reasons you should consider microblading treatment.


Pros of Microblading Treatment

  • You will save time and effort (a lot), by doing your eyebrow every day. (at least 15 minutes a day)
  • It will save you money.
  • You'll have a blueprint for your brows by an expert brow technician, so now you know what type of brows suits best for your face.
  • Great results that look natural.
  • Results last for a very long time (up to three years!)
  • Hassle-free and with no upkeep.
  • You won't experience a red or blue tint to your brows.
  • It is completely safe


Getting your microblading treatment done by an expert brow technician will definitely be worth it. It also ensure “Your brows are in safe hands!"


The Cons of Microblading Treatment



It is always suggested to get a pre-check or patch test done before committing to any cosmetic procedure.

Even though most of the microblading treatments in Birmingham are done by using organic pigment, some people may still be allergic to this pigment. You will need to locate a specialist in microblading who ensures you have been tested with the pigment before the procedure.


  • Healing takes longer than usual.

The healing process could take a bit longer; typically, full recovery takes up to one month. If your schedule is busy, this could be an issue. For those who must attend board meetings and report to work every day, this procedure is quite tricky.


What is the price of microblading?

The price of microblading varies depending on many things, including your location and the artist's level of skill, but you can anticipate spending between £200 and £650 for microblading in Birmingham.

However, because time is money and brow cosmetics aren't cheap, they may be worthwhile for someone who has very thin natural brows or for someone who wants to save time on eyebrow makeup every day.


Where to get the best microblading in Birmingham?

Although there are tons of options for your microblading treatment, we suggest you go to the experts only.

Microblading requires precision, and you don't want to ruin your lovely brows at any cost.

Shavata Brows & Lashes provides you with the best of their services. With over 9+ outlets in leading cities in the United Kingdom, you can get expert services for microblading in Birmingham.