One of the rapidly developing machining methods in recent years is Servo Upside down Special Machine. In addition to the functions of CNC lathes, it can also complete surface milling, drilling, tapping, straight grooves, spiral grooves and milling teeth, etc., which can realize the machining concept of one clamping and complete completion. Therefore, we should also pay attention to some small details when installing Servo Upside down Special Machine, so that we can use CNC lathes easily in the production process.

1. Installation environmental conditions

1. Place without high heat device.

2. No floating dust and metal particles.

3. No corrosive, flammable gas, liquid place.

4. Free of water droplets, steam, dust and oily dust.

5. Place free from electromagnetic noise interference.

6. Solid and vibration-free place.

7. The applicable ambient temperature is 0℃-55℃. If the ambient temperature exceeds 45℃, please place the driver in a well-ventilated place or air-conditioned room.

Second, installation precautions

1. The installation direction must follow the regulations; otherwise, the servo fault may occur.

2. When the driver is installed, its suction and exhaust holes cannot be sealed, nor can they be dumped, otherwise it will cause failure.

3. Do not install in or near flammable materials.

4. When fixing the drive, ensure that each fixing place is locked.

5. Install in a place that can bear the weight.

Servo Upside down Special Machine