Mexico imports a variety of products from India. According to Mexico Import Data some of the key items include:

  • Pharmaceuticals: India is a major exporter of pharmaceutical products to Mexico, including generic medicines and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).
  • Textiles and Apparel: Mexico imports textiles, clothing, and garments from India, including items such as cotton fabrics, ready-made clothing, and accessories.
  • Machinery and Equipment: Mexico purchases machinery, industrial equipment, and electronic products from India, including items like pumps, generators, and electrical machinery.
  • Chemicals: India exports various chemicals and chemical products to Mexico, including dyes, pigments, and specialty chemicals.
  • Automotive Components: India supplies automotive components and parts to the Mexican automotive industry, including items like engine components and electrical parts.
  • IT and Software Services: India is known for its IT and software services, and Mexican companies often contract Indian IT firms for software development and IT outsourcing.
  • Gems and Jewelry: Mexico imports gems, jewelry, and precious stones from India, including items like diamonds, gemstones, and gold jewelry.
  • Steel and Metal Products: Mexico imports steel and metal products, such as steel pipes, tubes, and other construction materials from India.
  • Agricultural Products: Agricultural items like spices, rice, and tea are also imported from India by Mexico.
  • Handicrafts and Home Decor: Indian handicrafts and home decor items, including rugs, textiles, and pottery, are popular imports in Mexico.

It's important to note that trade between countries can vary over time, and the specific imports from India to Mexico may change based on economic conditions and trade agreements.