In the fast-paced world we live in, finding reliable domestic staff can be a daunting task. Fortunately, Al-Qamar Lajpal Pvt Ltd is here to alleviate your worries and elevate your home with a roster of trustworthy professionals. Whether you're in need of a skilled chef, a diligent cook, a reliable driver, a dynamic domestic couple, or a meticulous maid, our services cater to all your domestic staffing needs.


Discover peace of mind with alqamarlajpal Pvt Ltd, your trusted source for monthly domestic staff. All our personnel are police-verified, ensuring reliability and trustworthiness. Explore a world of safety, security, and customer satisfaction with our committed team.


About Al-Qamar Lajpal Pvt Ltd:

At Al-Qamar Lajpal, excellence is not just a promise; it's a commitment we uphold. As the premier provider of servant services and domestic staff, we set industry standards with a focus on safety, security, and customer satisfaction. Our unwavering dedication to your well-being ensures that your domestic staffing experience is not only seamless but also enriching.


Registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) and the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), Al-Qamar Lajpal Pvt Ltd stands as a beacon of credibility in the industry. This official recognition is a testament to our professionalism and solidifies our position as the preferred choice for all your domestic staffing requirements.


Our Services:


Chef Services: Explore the culinary world with our skilled chefs who bring delectable flavors to your table. Click here to learn more about our culinary maestros.


Cook Services: Trust our cooks to prepare wholesome meals that cater to your tastes and preferences. Visit us to find the perfect cook for your kitchen.


Driver Services: Need a reliable and skilled driver? Look no further. Al-Qamar Lajpal offers drivers who prioritize your safety and comfort. Explore more about our chauffeur services.


Domestic Couple Services: Experience the synergy of a domestic couple dedicated to making your home a harmonious haven. Learn more about the benefits of hiring a domestic couple.


Maid Services: Our meticulous maids take care of your home with precision and care. Website to find the perfect maid for your household chores.


Contact Information:

For inquiries, contact us at 0301 4961778 or via email at [email protected]. Connect with us on social media for updates and testimonials:


PHONE: 0301 4961778

EMAIL: [email protected]


At Al-Qamar Lajpal Pvt Ltd, your satisfaction is our priority. Trust us to deliver excellence and peace of mind like no other. Your home deserves the best, and we are here to provide it.