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The ever-growing roster of playable characters in Genshin Impact shows no signs of dwindling anytime soon. Dainsleif is a mysterious character that was shown off by developers at miHoYo back in September. So far, though, he hasn't appeared in the game and many fans are wondering if he's even playable. There's plenty of reasons to assume he's going to be playable at some point - the biggest question is when.

Who is Dainsleif in Genshin Impact?
Dainsleif is an enigmatic character that was first introduced in the Genshin Impact story trailer that walked the viewer through all the upcoming regions and storylines coming to the game. Dainsleif acted as the trailer's narrator. We got our first look at him when the trailer concluded. He's linked to a blurred out act in the game titled "The Dream Yet to Be Dreamed."

Dainsleif knows things
The most important thing about Dainsleif is that he knows things he probably shouldn’t. He is aware that Venti is actually the Archon of Mondstadt, and he knows that Zhongli has made a secret Contract to End All Contracts. This is actually a lot of fun for players, as Dainsleif narrates all the character trailers. We also learned from the Zhongli trailer that Dainsleif has a low opinion of rulers that he finds to be uncaring or callous.

Another exciting thing about Dainsleif is that MiHoYo has already revealed his Japanese and English voice actors, which is odd ,since his release seems so far away.

Other than those tidbits of information, all the details players have are nothing but rumors. Wild speculation revolves around which element Dainsleif will wield, if any, and it seems many fans have settled on the agreement that he will be a sword user.

Still, other characters with ties to Khaenri'ah - like Albedo and Kaeya - are already in the game, so miHoYo may not wait that long to introduce Dainsleif. Multiple Genshin Impact character leaks have surfaced online, and Dainsleif hasn't been a part of them yet. That's more evidence to suggest he may not be arriving anytime soon, especially considering most Genshin Impact leaks have been pretty reliable so far.

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