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Where RS gold are the monsters located? Flesh crawlers are great, at the stronghold of security. Anything that's for mems? How long will the pursuit take to your archer helm? The quest shouldn't take too long, its low difficulty. You want to receive the prerequisites however, and that may take time if you are not keen to dump money in to leveling. Thanks.

Can I get a skill to 99? If so, which one? You can get any ability to 99. Go with the skill that you enjoy instruction. Thieving can be done in 72 hours if you are ready. Really? Please tell me exactly what to do? Please give me a guide. Anything else? Do not burn yourself out. I will attempt.

What bolts should I use? I am presently using mith. They are expensive. Also, what gear should I use? So when can I expect profit from slayer? What slayer master if I visit? What method of travel if I use to buy there? What teleport pills should I keep in my bank? What food should I choose? Is there something I can use to discover how much monsters I killed? How long does it take me for 99? Why should I not use scope? I'm doing Slayer since I seem to love it. Thanks.

What bolts should I use? I am currently using mith. They are costly. Which should I use? (Not sure) Also, what gear should I wear? (not certain ) When can I expect profit from slayer? (I feel every task will have gain somehow or another, higher level the better) What slayer master should I visit? What method of travel if I use to get there? (use the maximum level master you can) What buy RuneScape gold teleport pills should I maintain my bank? (I keep all in my bank just in case, Camelot is Great for slayer cave)

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