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Genshin Impact's next big update is almost here, with a new event set to bring heaps of new content to the game. Most anticipated among the game's fanbase is the arrival of Xiao as a playable character, an anemo polearm-wielding character first introduced in Liyue's archon quests.

Genshin Impact is getting some exciting new content this week with the release of update 1.3, and some older characters, like Zhongli, are getting revamped.

It looks like Genshin Impact players have more new characters to expect than have already been announced during the game’s new 1.3 update. The latest update coming to the popular open-world action RPG introduces Xiao as the newest character to be added to the game’s growing roster, but previous updates to the game have historically announced more than one new character before they're released, such as the 1.2 update last December that added both Albedo and Ganyu into the game.

We also found out that the update’s second character banner would be the Yuheng of the Liyue Qixing, Kequing. She’s a sword-wielding Electro user, and you’ll get the chance to add her to your team when Dance of Lanterns kicks off on February 17.

With Xiao acting as one of the pivotal characters in the Lantern Rite event, players will have to complete his story quest before participating in any of the event's many quests and challenges. Accordingly, the "Alatus Chapter" story quest will be accessible to players over AR 23 for the duration of the event, and will not require a story key to unlock. After the event the quest will require a key, and the minimum level will be raised to AR 40. You can check out more details about the Lantern Rite event here.


Adjustments to holding Zhongli's Elemental Skill "Dominus Lapidis":

    Causes nearby Geo energy to explode, causing the following effects:
    If their maximum number hasn't been reached, creates a Stone Stele.
    Creates a shield of jade. The shield's DMG Absorption scales based on Zhongli's Max HP. Possesses 150% DMG Absorption against all Elemental and Physical DMG.
    Characters protected by the Jade Shield will decrease the Elemental RES and Physical RES of opponents in a small AoE by 20%. This effect cannot be stacked.
    Deals AoE Geo DMG.
    If there are nearby targets with the Geo element, it will drain a large amount of Geo element from a maximum of 2 such targets. This effect does not cause DMG.

Adjustments to Zhongli's second Ascension Talent "Dominance of Earth":

    Zhongli deals bonus DMG based on his Max HP
    Normal Attack, Charged Attack, and Plunging Attack DMG is increased by 1.39% of Max HP.
    Dominus Lapidis' Stone Stele, resonance, and hold DMG is increased by 1.9% of Max HP.
    Planet Befall's DMG is increased by 33% of Max HP.
    Optimizes Zhongli's animation under "Weapons" on the Character Screen.

    Geo Shields are adjusted from having "250% Geo DMG Absorption" to having "150% Physical DMG and Elemental DMG Absorption."

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