The Cognitive Impact of Essay Writing: A Brief Study from clara smith's blog

Do successful essay writers exhibit better cognitive abilities? Are creative writers a tad more intelligent than the average Joe?

The psychology of essay writing is an exciting avenue to explore. Many eminent psychologists have dwelled on the cognitive aspects and effects of creative writing. Any perceptive writer will tell the profound correlation between human cognition and creative writing. More than just a medium of communication, writing is a mental stimulant that makes us think, analyze and process data.

This article explores the cognitive impact of creative writing and offers some handy tips for improving both writing & cognitive skills.

Cognition and Writing

The written script has been one of the earliest methods of human communication. From the earliest form of writing in Mesopotamia 5500 years ago, the written word has been a primary outlet for human expression, emotions, ideas, thoughts, analyses, and understanding. Experts cite a critical relationship between our cognitive faculties and our writing skills. The very act of expressing ideas & knowledge through words and establishing specific rules for coherent & meaningful delivery makes writing an essential aspect of our higher thinking processes.

The purpose of writing has gradually shifted over the years. From the construction of meaning, written text is now a means of delivering & processing information. For example, essay writing is an excellent medium of relaying knowledge and information to the audience, where writers display their knowledge, provide information and express themselves using the written word. And the more we write, the more we mentally exert ourselves and the better our writing skills, cognitive capabilities & write-ups become.

Each stage of an essay development process—information gathering, planning & processing, translation of ideas to text & editing- requires logical thinking, information processing and careful articulation of the written language for apt & accurate expression. Researches show a positive relationship between creative writing and the development of cognitive abilities of the human brain.

Tips to Boost Creative Writing & Cognitive Skills

The mutual relationship between writing & cognition makes essay writing & every other form of writing an excellent tool to improve both writing skills & mental comprehension.

Here are some crack tips to augment one’s writing skills in tandem with one’s cognition.

  • Take frequent notes while doing research. Note down information in your own words after running them through your mind. Try not to copy things word by word unless time is of the essence.
  • Process all information that you gather. Make connections. Understand the premise of the arguments and the relevance of the data to your work. This will rev up your brain and save you a significant amount of time later on.
  • Creative writing is all about reproducing ideas in your way. Showcase your understanding and put forth your own arguments as appropriate for a quality write-up.
  • Revision and editing are vital aspects of any creative writing process. Think hard about the information to be delivered alongside the syntax & semantics of your written piece. Use your skills and ideas to polish and perfect the article in the best way possible.

And that wraps up this article.  Always remember that the trick to becoming a good essay writer is to write more and more. Put in your effort, manage your time and make it a point to write all your essay & other creative writing tasks.

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All the best!

Summary: Cognitive and writing skills have a deep relationship with each other. Please find out how they are connected and how to improve both through this write-up.

Author-Bio: clara smith is a linguistics professor from a major public university in New Jersey. An avid reader and writer, she is also a guest blogger for, USA’s leading accounting assignment help.

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