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Google Stadia players will be able to enjoy a special feature in Hitman 3 when it releases. The Stadia Team reveals a new sharing capability, State Share, that will be exclusive to Hitman - World of Assassination Trilogy on Google's gaming platform.

To bring you up to speed, Google Stadia is a somewhat new approach to gaming, one that decentralizes the powerhouse device that actually runs the game while letting the gamer play it from pretty much wherever, as long as the internet connection is sufficiently speedy and steady. Think of it like borrowing your buddy's high-end gaming rig, only in this case your buddy is Google and the rig is likely a data server maintained by the communications giant. The upside for gamers is that you don't need to shell out big bucks for a pricey PC or wait for an in-demand console to become available, and you'll never have to wait for installs or updates; the downside is that you're at the mercy of Google's tech and your own internet provider's reliability and speed. Also, you'll still have to buy access to the game, though not the game itself, and/or subscribe to the monthly service like Stadia Pro (<- that's my referral link, BTW.)

On the downside, Hitman 3‘s visual clarity on Stadia will depend on how fast your broadband connection is. Unless you have super-fast and very stable broadband, then, the game will clearly look better on next-gen consoles and high-end PCs, where at times it is truly breath-taking. I’ve also noticed that the loading times are a little slower than they are on PS5. It still looks really nice on Stadia though, and loading times remain pretty nippy.

This is a major game-changer not just for Stadia, but for next-gen gaming. Whether it be streamers setting up challenges for others, skipping entire sections of a game, creating easier checkpoints for speedrunners to trial, or even quickly getting achievements, Stadia has created something special.

These perks work perfectly with a game like Hitman 3, but State Share is not quite fully-realized yet. As reported by 9to5Google, Hitman 3 on Google Stadia lets players share a starting point in one of its levels, but not any progression in the level.

To share a game state with State Share, just navigate to the Stadia Home page and select the capture you want to share and copy the link that's generated. This feature can be used within any campaign or custom mission just by saving an image or video capture during the missions themselves or at the mission complete screen. IO Interactive has designed its use of State Share to allow all saved game states to include the following gameplay elements:

    Mission starting location within the beginning of the level
    Mission objectives
    Player loadout (including weapon, gear, and clothing)

    Mission difficulty

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