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Hire Essay WriterOnlineWriting elaborate assignments can itself be an exhausting task. While writing long papers, it is quite normal to get distracted and make petty grammatical errors that can affect your grades severely.Hire essay helper OnlineHere are the few basics areas where you can and make mistakes.Subject-Verb Agreement ErrorsThe most commonly committed mistake is subject and verb agreement in a sentence. Remember the basic rule – when the subject of the sentence is singular, the verb should also be singular and vice versa. However, while at it, you must remember that in sentences where the simple present tense is used, the rule is precisely the opposite.For example:

  1. People have many opinions these days.
(Here, ‘people’ is the subject and ‘have’ is the verb defining it.)
  1. Joanna eats in small portions.
(Here, Joanna is the subject and eats is the verb. Note that the verb is plural when the subject is singular.)Sentence FragmentsWhile writing detailed pieces, we often make the mistake of keeping the sentences incomplete sentences. Without an independent clause, a sentence may not have a subject or a complete verb. This at times may lead to fragments of sentences and reduce the quality of your assignment.The Use of a CommaYou should always use a comma after a phrase or a clause to avoid the confusion and help the reader understand a complex sentence better. Make sure you use a comma in a complex or a compound sentence.Misuse of the ApostropheYou often get confused while using the apostrophe in the word ‘its’. Remember that the word ‘its’is a possessive pronoun meaning belonging to it. Whereas, it’smeans it is.Wrong Usage of WordsWhile working on an article, we often make the mistake of confusing similarly pronounced words. Using incorrect words can change the entire meaning of a sentence and alter the relevance of a sentence. Rather than taking the risk, check for the correct spelling of the word.Split InfinitivesWhen it comes to infinitives, there is no hard and fast rule regarding the prohibition of using a split infinitive. However, many professors and teachers disapprove of them. So check your writing for such mistakes.My Assignment helpbuy assignmentFor an exemplary assignment, ensure that you are aware of the basic rules of grammar. So before you submit your final copy, edit your piece and look for these common errors to produce an impressive assignment.

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