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If you are one of those few people who enjoy essay writing but often get stuck in a rut and fall short of words to articulate your feelings and thoughts, then you might be interested in what we are about to tell you.

As with any other skill, writing too requires you to adopt certain practices when you are trying to enhance the skill. The following are some of those practices that help you to strengthen the skill.  

1. Consider redundancies the arch-nemesis to the quality of your writing

While writing on a specific topic, try conveying the major ideas through the application of distinctive word combinations. See to it that you have completely absorbed what the topic is all about and use your understanding to create a coherent write-up.

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In this context, when you repeat the similar ideas, again and again, they cease to be intriguing to explore for readers. So while putting together your thoughts and concepts on a piece of writing, never resort to trite or simple phrases. The ideal way to go about it is to present the synonymous expressions while elaborating on the specific points of the topic. That way, your writing skill will be enhanced by leaps and bounds.

2. Wield the uniqueness of your writing style like a weapon

Make sure that you don’t employ any ideas that have been talked about too often as it conveys to your readers or professors (in case of academic writing) that you are apprehensive of presenting your own opinion. Your statements are the determining factor in case of maintaining the uniqueness and pertinence of your write-up.

Also when you insert too many quotes into a piece of writing, you may eventually fall prey to plagiarism. It is not because you have copied it but because you have employed too many clichés in the writing that are extremely popular among the masses. So the bottom line is you’d do well if you present appropriate expressions.

3. Make it a habit to maintain a journal

Keeping a journal not only acts as a therapy, but also helps you with strengthening your writing skills. This habit of writing a journal will help you to put your ideas in order so that you can establish a connection between them. This will also allow you to refine your handwriting as well, other than assisting you to develop the skill of writing. So don’t forget to indulge in this habit every single day.

4. Get inspired by the things that happen around you

Be a spectator and observe everything that’s happening around you every day. You never know when you will be hit by the inspiration. In case you are into fiction writing then noticing the characters and situations around you is a drill that definitely works wonders for your writing skills.

5. You may be grammatically sound, but you don’t have to show it off while writing

Grammar is undoubtedly the most vital aspect of any write-up, and improving your writing skills means brushing up your grammatical skills as well. You may consider yourself blessed if your grammar skills are on point, and leave no opportunity to make it obvious to the readers. Sometimes, you have to go with the flow and not think about the grammatical aspect as much.

6. Read multiple times

This is possibly the most obvious tip in case of enhancing your writing skill. Make sure to go through anything you can lay your hands on, be it your favourite storybook as a child or the daily newspapers.

While reading the books or newspapers, notice the kind of sentences and phrases have been used. Also, keep a watch on the elements like metaphors, adjectives, the plot, characters, etc. If you see a word that you can’t quite decipher, flip through a dictionary to look for what it means and then apply those words or phrases in a sentence have a better understanding of those phrases.

7. Assess the works of other people

When you are reading a piece of writing composed by another person, try to decipher the loopholes or shortcomings in that story and take note of a few improvements. Also, pay attention to the best parts of that story, the parts that you enjoy the most while going through the write-up.

This allows you to gather a valuable understanding of the aspects to present a great story, and the practices that should be avoided while writing. You can write down book reviews on the books you read on a monthly basis. This way you will be able to enhance your writing skills.

8. Pick a famous story and create your own version of it

Developing a new character or a plot on your own can be gruelling. So as an alternative you can select a popular story, like Harry Potter and present your own version of it. For instance, you could explore the story from the perspective of Hermione Granger or Ginny or Ron Weasley and elaborate on how they felt as the situations unfolded within the books, Or you can even focus on Severus Snape.

9. Consider the things that interest you

If you love food, why not write a review about a restaurant you have recently visited? You can focus on the ambience, the presentation of food, and the service provided the waiters and even the interiors of the restaurant.  You can also provide advice and suggestions for further improvements. Or alternatively, if you are a travel enthusiast, you can talk about the places you've visited, and talk about the tourist attractions located in specific cities or towns.

10. Write a letter to a friend

Can you recollect the last time you wrote a letter to a friend and actually sent it via mail services? Well, with the emergence of email and social media, the art of letter-writing is on the verge of extinction. So why not bring back the old habit, even if the purpose of it all is to enhance your writing skills. Write a letter to a friend who doesn’t live in the same city as yours, and reminisce about the bygone times.

11. It’s important that you set goals to enhance your writing skill
Acquiring any important skill demands that you set goal. So to ensure you are moving steadily towards your goal, you need to spend considerable time on a regular basis if want to sharpen the skill.

For instance, you can start with a small goal of writing at least 200 words in a day. Once you achieve this goal, you can reward yourself. This way you will be motivated while writing and willing to push yourself to do better. This is crucial when you try to improve your creative writing skills.

When you keep at it on a routine basis, it will become a habit, and hence you will be able to successfully hone the skill. Making it a habit allows you to develop a mindset that the practice is a natural process.

12. Prompts are an excellent way to maintain the focus of your writing

Prompts can be an excellent way to boost your skill of writing. In fact, you can use visual prompts in the form of images, illustrations etc. From that prompt, you can develop the whole story.

So enhancing your writing skills should not be a tedious process at all when you follow these simple tricks.

Author Bio: clara smith is a visiting faculty in a reputed university in Australia. She has pursued her Ph.D. in English literature from the University of Melbourne. She has also been part of a allessaywriter.com buy assignment and Assignment Assistance for the past three years.

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