The wildest fashion photos from Burning Man 2022

One of the guiding principles of the annual Burning Man festival is radical self-expression. Many residents of Black Rock City embrace this through the fashion they wear at the event.To get more news about 国产线观看免费观看, you can visit our official website.

A mix of practical essentials and fantastic costumes, you never know what or who you will see in the Nevada desert.

Burning Man "Doc Team" photographer Jane Hu shared some of her portraits of the participants at the festival with SFGATE. The arts festival took place from Aug. 28 to Sept. 5 in the Black Rock Desert of Gerlach, Nevada.

"I've always so inspired by what people are willing to bring out there, whether it's fashion or art," explained Hu. "It blows my mind what people can accomplish."

This year it was even more difficult for festivalgoers to show off their playa fashion with dust storms that lasted hours and extreme heat.


"People are in the most exquisite, interesting, creative outfits," said Hu. "I wish I had captured way more than what I was able to. I wish I could spend days just following people around and taking pictures of them. Because it's always like, 'Who are you? How are you able to do all this? And are you able to keep yourself clean and clean your clothes afterwards?'"