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With the arrival of winter in the northern hemisphere, it makes sense to add some animals that will bid farewell to animals crossing new horizons to cryptocurrency before the end of the year. They will be away in the next few months, save your favorite animals and valuable ones, maybe you can make a lot of money. Pick up your fishing rod or dive into the water, and quickly catch a fish and three deep-sea creatures that will disappear in a short time!

After the end of December, a fish will no longer be available in the game. Pike fish is a rare river fish that players can find throughout the day. It is very long and therefore easy to spot. But it will only return in the northern hemisphere next September. Players in the northern hemisphere do not have to worry about loopholes. Before the start of winter, all the bugs that had to leave have disappeared. As a result, players have made progress in their cryptography applications and there is still a lot of time to find these errors.

Speaking of deep-sea creatures, players need to hunt three creatures before the end of the year. These creatures are difficult to generate because they generate less frequently than other creatures. Perhaps buying cheap Animal Crossing Bells or other items can save a lot of time by exchanging with other players who have already acquired them. In addition, although players can visually identify fish and insects, deep-sea creatures are difficult to identify.

In addition to spiny lobsters, two departed creatures are available every day. In the limited period from 9 pm to 4 am, the swimming speed of lobsters is also very fast, which is difficult to catch. Of all three creatures, the turban shell returns in March at the earliest, while the mussels return in June, and October is when the lobster returns. In addition to all these creatures from the northern hemisphere, many creatures from the southern hemisphere are also leaving the island. The difficulty of capturing is relatively large, so it is a relatively feasible method to exchange the bells, Nook Miles Tickets, and other items in your own inventory.

In the summer, autumn, and winter of 2020, seasonal updates on islands around the world are introduced, as well as mechanisms such as diving and minor updates for new residents and services. According to Nintendo President Doug Bowser, the 2021 Animal Crossing: New Horizons will continue to be a regular Update. There may be brand new animals appearing before the new year, but grasp the present time to get these four animals that will leave!

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