To get on the Linksys Velop web interface, you can either use the default web or IP address. Both addresses will redirect you to the same portal accessing the same features and options for your Velop. So, take your device and make it networked by connecting it to your Velop. To do that, use an ethernet wire and make a wired connection. Then, launch the web browser on the same device and search for any of those addresses. Use LinksysSmartWiFi as the web address and as the IP. But, if you face errors in using the web address, try the IP address. 


As a result, you will be on the Linksys Velop Setup without app portal that is on the web interface. That will ask you for the default login credentials involving the username and password. So, insert them in the required fields and click on the login button. Ensure you do not make any mistakes in the spelling and numeric characters while inserting the details. Finally, you can start performing the setup process from the next page by selecting the network and following the screen directions appropriately.