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Hitman 3 is turning out to be a real hit in more ways than just assassination. As we noted in our review, “It’s the perfect way to cap off Agent 47’s journey.” As such, IO Interactive is happy to provide even more content for its latest release. The developer shared the February roadmap today for Hitman 3, which offers an exciting glimpse into the first round of upcoming content updates.

On February 11th, 2021, Hitman 3 will get an update with MinnMax Dubai Featured Contracts. This should expand your opportunities for profit just before the February 18th event update. On February 18th, Hitman 3 delivers The Sinbad Stringent Escalation. If it weren’t already obvious, things will continue to escalate from here, so it’ll be best for the most hardcore Hitman 3 gamers to stay onboard right from the start.

In a video centered on Hitman 3's February roadmap, Community Developer Clemens Koch outlined what this month of content entails. Those who own the Deluxe Edition will receive two Deluxe Escalations. The first is the "The Proloff Parable," which arrives on February 23 and features Agent 47 as the White Shadow aboard a train in the Carpathian Mountains. Using only the White Katana and White Sieger 300 Sniper Rifle, players must progress through a series of timed Escalations. February 23 will also see Deluxe Edition owners gain access to "The Gauchito Antiquity," an Escalation that tasks players with emetic poisoning each target and killing them while they're under the influence.

Starting today, all Hitman 3 owners can dive into "The Baskerville Barney," an Escalation set in Thornebridge Manor where Agent 47 must kill a family by exclusively employing accident-style tactics. Dubai Featured Contracts go live on February 11. Meanwhile, "The Sinbad Stringent" Escalation arrives the next week on February 18, followed by Dartmoor Featured Contracts on February 25. Finally, February 26 will bring a mission called "The Deceivers," featuring two Elusive Targets on the Sapienza map.

which you can find detailed below.

February 4: The Baskerville Barney Escalation
February 11: MinnMax Dubai Featured Contracts
February 18: The Sinbad Stringent Escalation
February 23: Game Update
February 23: Kinda Funny Dartmoor Featured Contracts, The Proloff Parable and The Gauchito Antiquity Deluxe Escalations
February 26 - March 8: The Deceivers Sapienza Elusive Target

Hitman 3 is available via the Epic Games Store if you still haven’t checked it out. If you need any help in your quest to dominate the World of Assassination, head over to our guides and features hub for the answers and tips you seek.

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