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With the missions in Hitman 3, there are additionally particular challenges that accompany every one. These usually vary from sporting a number of disguises or using particular methods of killing targets for Agent 47 to earn extra expertise for the mission and unlock achievements.

The "Venting Some Stress" challenge occurs in the fourth mission of Hitman 3 and requires gamers to kill a target in Chongqing, China by poisoning their air supply. This challenge does involve a specific sequence of steps, so for assassins looking for a little extra guidance, here are the necessary objectives to complete.

How to Complete Venting Some Stress in Hitman 3
The Venting Some Stress challenge requires you to assassinate Imogen Royce by poisoning her air supply. You will also need to smuggle in a lethal poison of some sort, however you may choose to do that. Make sure at some point throughout these next steps that you grab said poison. Other than that, the first step involves making your way to the dumpling restaurant located within the level. You can’t miss it with the two big yellow signs located above. Head on in and overhear a man being rather upset about his trip to Chongqing.

As soon as inside, head down however do not go to the safety checkpoint like the sport requests. As an alternative, stroll to the left towards the server room with the A-01 signal on the door. Hitman 3 gamers must hack the safety panel inside and steal the tier 1 entry dongle off the desk whereas the guard is not wanting. After that, return upstairs.

Now go past the tier 1 door, down the set of stairs, and walk into the company breakroom. There will be two analysts inside, and the player will need to steal one of their outfits to use as a new disguise. Simply turn on one of the air conditioners, wait for one of them to check it out, and then subdue them. Make sure to knock the other one out too and hide them in the server room.

Now that you’re a very respectable facility analyst, make your way past the break room and down the hall until you find three people on computers. Hack said computers and they’ll all decide it’s break time rather than work time. Needless to say, Imogen Royce will not be pleased by this. After a while, she’ll notice them on break and head in to scold their laziness. In classically ironic Hitman 3 fashion though, she’ll decide it’s time for a break. This is your chance. Head back to the server room and send the lethal poison throughout the ventilation system. All that’s left is to turn on the air conditioner and watch as Imogen breathes her last breath.

As soon as the Hitman 3 problem is accomplished, gamers can proceed with the remainder of the extent and kill Hush nevertheless they need. Hopefully, this information helps gamers get one step nearer to one hundred pc finishing Hitman 3.

Once the Hitman 3 challenge is completed, players can proceed with the rest of the level and kill Hush however they want. Hopefully, this guide helps players get one step closer to 100 percent completing Hitman 3.

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