Hi, my name is Mikhail, I am age 37. I am a manager for the company 5 Prism Coaching Academy. We help you become coaches. We guide you through a socially useful profession. Coaching helps others not only recuperate from failure. Coaching assists in removing the nauseousness and anxieties about topics such as the importance of planning, success and motivation, etc. As well as helps you to identify your own business, as well as your own place in the society. The essence of a coach is that it can help people "get back on track" with their own as well as their social life. You can find us at https://5prism.com/.Nowadays, coaching is one of the most popular and sought-after areas of psychological help, improving the lives of both the clients themselves and bringing tangible financial income to the coaches themselves. One of the most appealing aspects of coaching is that the salary of a skilled coach is usually many times or even an order of magnitude higher than the salaries of psychologists and psychotherapists.

 Many times, those who choose to become coaches consider coaching as more than just an opportunity to master the ropes of a new career. When they learn, they receives tools to improve in addition to their personal efficiency and standard of their lives.

 Plus, such a profession allows you to operate on the time that works for you , and also control your earnings. Because a coach generally a non-employee of the business, he can earn an income from his own.

 The price of services is contingent on the ability and the degree of the instructor, his popularity and his beliefs.

 We all recognize that our values and beliefs define who we are and what we do with our lives. Coaches who focus on values assist their clients find the so-called laws by which they live and that, while unconsciously affect the choices they make.

 In order to do this, the coach gets clients to contemplate what they most value in their particular aspect of their lives. This list of personal values, be it family health, freedom, serving, or success, will become an anchor. Returning to the reasons why it is easier to understand that most problems arise when these values are in conflict.