Problem: What is Enlightenment?

Thanks for asking the questions that come to your brain, even though they seem "fairly peculiar" to you. In Enlightenment all observed suffering has faded, for what but wrong-mindedness looked to produce the misperception named pain.

Suffering was the dream that Christ can leave a Caring Creator's Mind. "If pain is true there is number God. If Lord is actual there's number pain."(W-190.3) The latter is true because God does not have any eckhart tolle a course in miracles . Enlightenment entails no pain or displeasure about ANYTHING, for Enlightenment is Genuine, Constant Happiness, Peace, Flexibility, and Joy. Being Regular, Enlightenment knows not of change. The illusion of susceptibility and fluctuating emotions moved as well. There is number vanity to drop "back into." Soul Abides in mild Love. All suffering has ended Today and nothing stays but a blessing of Stillness.

The Holy Heart may be the memory that Life is Eternal. The Provide Time is the gateway to Eternity. The planet of photographs was a world of illusion. Images are thus basic to the Sacred Spirit. They were "neutralized" the immediate they seemed to arise.

What does that mean in terms of your next issue? You cannot destroy what's never lived, and in the Holy Spirit's Perception of forgiveness damage is impossible. Bodies were never created and never die since the entire world of photos is the past. It is difficult to find beginnings and endings in a script that is presently prepared and around extended ago. There is no life in images. This is actually the indicating of "Hold number graven photographs prior to the Lord Thy God." All pictures were designed to hidden the Truth from awareness, and they could only be forgiven as you illusion. If illusions might be split up into living and lifeless, natural and inorganic, animate and inanimate Enlightenment could be impossible. For what's Enlightenment but Natural Oneness, far beyond the likelihood of department of any kind? The split mind was the illusion. Find to not task the separate brain to forms and call some types alive and some forms dead. Lord knows perhaps not form. The split brain seemed to be the "killer" illusion, yet the Sacred Soul tells the asleep brain that what's full and unified cannot BE split. In Paradise Brain is One Heart, and actually regarding this world forgiveness reflects this Oneness. The forgiven earth understands the unity of the healed brain and sees that there surely is nothing "outside" of this simple mind which dreams lightly a happy, light dream. The goal of ACIM is always to desire lightly of a sinless world. This goal is significantly more than possible, it is certain!

In terms of my seeming diet, "eat what's served" is the Advice I was given from the Holy Heart a long time ago. Join together with your brother and allow no principle come between the Love you share. This Guidance has not changed. "Dinner" is always a foundation for discussing the Delight of the Living Moment. What the entire world calls "breathing" and "eating" and "drinking" and "sleeping" are actually yet in the Enlightened State. The Healed Perspective sees the sameness of everything since they all share the exact same Function: forgiveness. This Perspective is not "personal," for in single perception nothing is personal. God is no respecter of persons. I practically can't "take" an animal's "life" since Living is Nature and can only just be extensive or Provided as God Gives. "Take" does not have any indicating within my mind and since creatures have not "lived" it's difficult that they may "die." The belief indicated in the idea "personally take an animal's life" has many main assumptions which can be false. In right-mindedness it's evident that a few ideas are increased as they are given out or discussed, and "taking" a "life" or some thing doesn't have meaning. All that I give is fond of mySelf, and in offering there's no reduction, no sacrifice, and nothing is ever recinded from wholeness and unity. The teacher of Lord does not want whatever can't be provided away. Such is the Pleasure of wonders! The thought seeds be seemingly flung every-where, yet there's never a glance back again to see where in fact the vegetables land. The seeds are never for an "other," and since offering and obtaining are the same your head receives the presents it gives. This is truly the party you seek for beneath the ego's questions.

The sole problem that need be requested is really a question that's not really silly at all: Am I prepared to learn that God's May and My Possess would be the Same? God's May for Me is for Great Happiness. And what but that Can could be the May of Christ? Cheerfully, nothing can transform Endless Love. Thank You God!