Issue: What is Enlightenment?

Thanks for asking the questions which come to your mind, even when they seem "instead peculiar" to you. In Enlightenment all observed suffering has faded, for what but wrong-mindedness seemed to make the misperception called pain.

Pain was the dream that Christ could leave a Supportive Creator's Mind. "If pain is actual there's no God. If God is actual there is number pain."(W-190.3) The latter does work because God has no opposite. Enlightenment entails number pain or displeasure about ANYTHING, for Enlightenment is Natural, Constant Happiness, Peace, Freedom, and Joy. Being Regular, Enlightenment understands maybe not of change. The dream of vulnerability and varying emotions went as well. There is number pride to drop "straight back into." Nature Abides in delicate Love. All pain is finished Today and nothing stays but a blessing of Stillness.

The Sacred Heart could be the reminder that Living is Eternal. The Present Moment is the gateway to Eternity. The entire world of photographs was an environment of illusion. Photographs are therefore neutral to the Sacred Spirit. They were "neutralized" the immediate they did actually arise.

What does this mean with regards to the a course in miracles issue? You cannot destroy what has never lived, and in the Holy Spirit's Perspective of forgiveness hurt is impossible. Bodies were never born and never die since the world of photos could be the past. It's difficult to locate beginnings and endings in a script that's presently written and over extended ago. There's number life in images. This is actually the meaning of "Maintain number graven photos prior to the Lord Thy God." All photos were built to unknown the Reality from understanding, and they can only be understood as you illusion. If illusions might be separated up in to living and useless, natural and inorganic, animate and inanimate Enlightenment would be impossible. For what's Enlightenment but Natural Oneness, much beyond the chance of section of any sort? The separate brain was the illusion. Seek never to project the split brain to types and contact some types living and some types dead. God knows perhaps not form. The separate brain was the "killer" dream, yet the Sacred Soul tells the asleep mind that what's full and unified can never BE split. In Heaven Mind is One Nature, and even with regard to this world forgiveness shows that Oneness. The understood earth recognizes the unity of the healed brain and sees that there surely is nothing "outside" with this single brain which desires gently a pleased, mild dream. The goal of ACIM is always to desire softly of a sinless world. This purpose is significantly more than probable, it is inevitable!

As for my seeming diet, "consume what is served" may be the Advice I was handed from the Holy Spirit many years ago. Join with your brother and allow number notion come involving the Enjoy you share. That Advice hasn't changed. "Dinner" is obviously a background for discussing the Pleasure of the Living Moment. What the world calls "breathing" and "eating" and "drinking" and "sleeping" are actually yet in the Enlightened State. The Recovered Perception considers the sameness of everything because each of them share the exact same Purpose: forgiveness. This Perspective isn't "particular," for in specific notion nothing is personal. Lord isn't any respecter of persons. I virtually can not "take" an animal's "life" because Life is Soul and can only just be extended or Given as Lord Gives. "Take" does not have any indicating in my own mind and because animals have never "lived" it's impossible that they might "die." The opinion stated in the thought "individually take an animal's life" has many underlying assumptions that are false. In right-mindedness it is evident that a few ideas are increased as they are given out or shared, and "taking" a "life" or anything at all does not have any meaning. All that I provide is directed at mySelf, and in giving there's number reduction, no sacrifice, and nothing is actually taken away from wholeness and unity. The instructor of Lord does not need whatever can't be given away. Such could be the Pleasure of wonders! The idea seeds appear to be flung everywhere, however there is never even a view back to see where in actuality the vegetables land. The vegetables are never for an "other," and since providing and getting are the exact same your head gets the presents it gives. That is truly the food you seek for within the ego's questions.

The only issue that require be requested is really a problem that is not necessarily silly at all: Am I ready to understand that God's Will and My Possess will be the Same? God's Can for Me is for Perfect Happiness. And what but that Can is the May of Christ? Joyfully, nothing may change Endless Love. Thank You God!