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The Fire Cape is among the most sought-after pieces of Old School RuneScape. To get this coveted cape, players will likely need to defeat the legendary boss called Jad. Before you take with this task, always gather your OSRS GP to strike the levels required to overcome the oncoming waves of enemies. Jad, along with the waves of enemies, is going to be waiting for you inside the Tz-Haar Fight Caves. The area you should reach is Karamja, which exists by using a charged Amulet of Glory. Once you reach the Bradenton ... more
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Before buying OSRS gold, you should make a clear plan. If there is no plan, you should not buy gold. A perfect plan can allow you to complete the purchase task successfully and reduce the uncertainties and other unknown risks encountered in the purchase process. Therefore, please in advance to make a plan, such as how much gold you need, how much you plan to spend to buy gold, and what the OSRS Gold will be used for. Once you have determined the amount and type of gold needed, the next thing you need to do is find a webs... more
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